100 Street Portraits of StRangers


The idea of just a few months ago for me to ask a complete stranger to take a street portrait of them would of been absurd. But being involved with The Arcanum and being gently persuaded to 'go for it', has in actual fact resulted in me crossing the line (so to speak ) to make these type of images.

Believe me this is hard to do and no doubt also to maintain. Many people out there walking the streets don't mind at all. A little gentle persuasion is sometimes needed by commenting on their hat, their hair, their dress their tattoo, or maybe the products they're selling always helps. Getting into a conversation is another very good way to 'break the ice'. But once you have made the decision to do this and go for it, you do get a wonderful sense of elation and positivity, that can only help you to improve your observations out on street.

How am I going to do it? Simply ask or get into a conversation, ask if I can take their portrait and after offer them my card for a reference, so that they can check out the image at a later date, on my website. If they want a copy, I'll send them a print via email. Nb. I'm not going to get worried about the 'No thank you' or 'Not now' reply. So, the project begins today. I haven't set any time limit on it but obviously the target is 100 images of strangers.

Oh! Before you see the images, I need to thank the guys that have encourage me to take the plunge and ask a stranger for a portrait! Valerie Jardin - My Master in The Arcanum 'Street photography' cohort for 'Pure encouragement' : Susan Goudge - A fellow apprentice in The Arcanum who gave me the initial target 'Go get 5 Paul', she said : Ugo Cei, Greig Houghton and Mark Reierson all from The Arcanum that produce stunning street portraits themselves, for their added encouragement. And to all those that have been involved with me in any discussion of street portraits.

Thanks guys.