5 THINGS I'VE DONE THIS DAY - Those damn social sites!

For me, now is the time to start promoting and marketing.

Immediately you think of the social networks out there: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Snapchat and You Tube not to mention the blog sites such as Wordpress, Tumblr, Medium and many, many more. Which one to choose? Each one offers a different option for you, with a different style for different audiences. So, can you operate all at the same time?

One tool which is very useful and successful is IFTT.com (If This Then That) and it's easy to set up! Making this site to do the 'leg' work for you could 'possibly' make your social networking an easy task. Simply put you select your base social site to trigger a link to another using IFTTT.

Sounds simple? Well it is to a degree. The problem arises when you have different named sites within a blog set up, which for some reason, you may have been testing to see which one gets the most attention and best reaction or what is more suitable offering a different aspect to your business. To be honest I haven't seen much difference in the responses to the blogs and one isn't any significantly larger (in terms of followers )than the other.

Here's some examples of the problem... I have three Tumblr blogs! One for my photography based articles one for my street and commercial work  and one that links to this site and blog. Plus I also have three Wordpress blogs, two on Blogger and just the one on Medium! I also have 500px, a Flickr and of course a LinkedIn site. To be honest there is far too much here. So I have got to do some culling! I have got to work out a process that serves each side of the blogging requirement. In other words set photos to go one route and articles to go another! The main point to remember is that all this social networking activity is created to point to one site - PHOTOGRAPHY LIVE and UNCUT! 

Thats where the business is at. That's where I want my audience to look.


So 5 things I have done this day.

1/. The Photo route will be from 500px to Twitter and Flickr and onto Pinterest albums - Instagram will post to Flickr as a separate case - it has to go this way because of the analog and filter settings in Instagram.

2/. The 'article' route from this sites blog page and the show blog, will post out to Tumblr, Wordpress and onto Medium.

3/. Decide which blog works the best! Tumblr and Wordpress have huge advantages, (They have the biggest audiences) but Blogger links direct to Google+ and Medium is starting to make inroads - (there's a conundrum, all of its own!)

4/. Another site Ello.co is ideal to do both a Photo display with an article - it may be I have to treat this one as a separate issue.

5/. Finally, I don't use Snap Chat but my published You Tube videos (which is the main Marketing tool, I will post out to Wordpress, Twitter, Facebook Page and Tumblr - it automatically posted to Google+.



That I think will cover the social networking. An important and an integral part of marketing to show my activity promotions and the latest photographs.