Born in Gillingham, Kent in 1957 I didn't show any interest in photography until my late teens. Since then I have been a passionate photographer. Largely self taught but I have studied the very best in photography. From Henry Cartier-Bresson, Brassai and Eugene Atget to William Egglestone and William Klein, not to mention Michael Kenna and Saul Leiter. In reality it is these photographers who you learn from. Consider their style, their composition, and their eye for an image.

My career spans from leaving school through 17 years of money broking, then on to working for the family run Exhibition contractor business where I am the Project Manger for stand installations. Photography though, throughout this time despite periods of cycling, playing and teaching golf, and being involved with many other sports, has always been a keen interest.

I've been a member of two camera clubs and enjoyed the criticism offered by judges but joining the RPS (Royal Photographic Society) was a huge step in my photography. I gained a Licentiateship in 2011 and being a member of this society brought to my attention, detail, style and quality. This was further enhanced, when I joined the street photography cohort with Valerie Jardin in The Arcanum in 2014. Being part of the family of the Arcanum, I have to be honest, taught me more than anything in photography. The art of criticising, the meeting of photographers from around the world all with the same interest to improve their photography is, well, simply put - Awesome! Valerie's style of tutoring is out of the top draw. Quietly encouraging you to look further into your photography and guiding you through the learning curve. (I learnt more in the first 5 weeks of being in the Arcanum than 5 years of 'Photo' club membership!) My Photography Live and Uncut show is something that I had always wanted to do, once I had seen the many You Tube videos available. Initially encouraged to make the show by Martin Bailey, (a landscape photographer, podcaster and workshop leader from Japan), I wanted to bring the photographer and their work to my audience, visually, rather than relying on a detailed interview via a podcast.  

I love all aspects of photography from street and landscape, to lifestyle and fashion shoots. But it is street photography that piques my interest. Walking around the streets making images with a limited amount of camera gear, well you can't beat it! Experiencing this simplistic way of shooting led me to start my One Camera One Lens blog, where post my comments and all things photographically minimal. I think it essential that we as photographers record what is happening in the world whether it is a landscape or a street scene without these images well you could 'kiss history' goodbye. We live in an image filled world. Photography has never been so popular. For centuries we have had artists and photographers recording scenes, with both brush and camera, so it's imperative that this freedom of photographing scenes is continued.

You could say that I am a passionate photographer. But I would add to that by saying I am a 'committed' photographer. Committed not only to making images but, as I now move forward, I'm committed to sharing my knowledge of photography with you, by the various tours and tuition, workshops and seminars that will be set up in 2017.

I hope we meet up during one of these sessions.

All the best Paul


Paul Griffiths (aka Griffo)

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