#1 : I didn't realise!

Just the other day I was searching through some of my old images. Like you no doubt there were thousands.

As you know I've been very fortunate to of visited many European cities as part of my job. I sometimes get a day or two free just to walk about. In the early days I didn't think of taking my camera instead just a good book and I'd walk about take a coffee and cake or two and just read. Then the photography bug hit me.

I was on a trip to Stockholm, my favourite city, and for the first time I took a digital camera a Nikon Coolpix 850. I just couldn't stop taking images. The scenery, the churches, the buildings and the sea, it just captivated me.

After that trip, many other visits followed and the camera bag was the first to be packed. I was truly bitten by photography. I must admit from that day on, my quest for better equipment gear just took hold. My bag soon became overloaded with Nikon gear. I was on an adventure. But what to shoot. Was I landscape shooter, a city shooter, architectural shooter, abstracts, or sport what do I want to concentrate on. I tried them all and wasn't that bad really. I joined a club won a few competitions and did very well in the clubs league.

So my search for an interest and style continued. But here's the thing, looking back on my images just the other day, I didn't realise that I had taken so many "street" photographs. Street photography has always been the backbone of my photography. Now I'm in The Arcanum. Originally, when I applied, I thought that a general photography cohort would suit me. But being chosen for the 'Street" cohort has 'fitted me to a tee'. (As I would say) My master in The Arcanum Valerie Jardin must of seen something in my images that I had submitted! 

So thats how it started for me. They say you take photographs subconsciously and I suppose I must have been doing that myself.

I just didn't realise, "I was a Street Photographer already!"


© Paul Griffiths 2014