#4 : My street journey


My story continues of my early street photography.

The best way to enjoy a city or town is to just 'walk it'. Nothing better than appreciating a place by doing this. Stopping for the odd coffee here and there, watching people and their movements and listening to the sounds. It's amazing what you can see and hear. Make a day of it! Just make sure you have a decent pair of comfortable shoes on!

Over time I have not bothered with checking the shops out, to be honest, what you get in London you get the throughout Europe. But invariably you will be exploring a city with a partner/wife, so be mindful of them and their interests. If they're street photographers like you then happy days! If not be prepared to visit the local Marks and Spencer's or John Lewis stores. Or, better still (a small tip) make arrangements to meet outside in 20 minutes. This will give you a little time for a quick walk-about on your own. But make sure you're not late! Then go for a coffee and a slice of cake! You can't beat it!

I've noticed over time that the over zealous security or policeman in London have diminished somewhat as the law has accommodated the street photographer's interest and also I think they too have come to appreciate that there are a lot of people out there that just want to document the city streets. Be careful when children are around though, thats an obvious point to make. if you want to make a portrait don't be shy strike up a conversation or simply just ask. You'd be surprised by how many times people will say 'What me? Ok..'

I've always been of the opinion that its best to be as inconspicuous as you can with your camera. Using a DSLR with an 18-300mm lens, is not ideal, except when your name is Steve McCurry or Jay Maisal as both produce stunning street documentary work. So I think a camera like the Fuji X100s or the Sony a6000 is an ideal size camera to use. Something along that sort of size and get in close. Don't weigh yourself down either with a large camera bag either. There's nothing worse than a sore back after a pleasant city stroll. Better still 'Leave your camera bag at home!"

So, enjoy our wonderful cities of the world get out there walk about and enjoy the sights and sounds and photograph it.