#5 : Getting static.

After my initial burst of 'real' street photography, I started to get interested in the architecture that I was experiencing in the many European cities I visited, to the point of capturing buildings without any human element involved. There would be many a time I was frustrated because a person had walked into the shot!

It will come as no surprise to you that apart from Rome, Paris, Amsterdam and of course London, a lot of the central European cities have taken a very modern style to their architecture, which is largely due to the decimation of buildings from the 2nd World War. Many cities through out Europe especially Germany of course had to go on massive rebuilding projects Some cities it must be said look very bland in design as architectural design after the war, was governed mainly by requirement, speed of build, and of course the materials that were available. This led to this blandness of structures, which are still seen to this day. Through the 50's, 60's and 70's this style of design and building continued. It's wasn't really until the 90's that we started to see a change in the architectural design of buildings, where new materials were introduced into the structures. ie Glass and exposed steel. It's almost as if the shackles had been taken off and the designers were free to create building's of beauty and wow!

New areas, once derelict, were suddenly being created; Canary Wharf, London; La Defense, Paris and other financial centres of Madrid, Frankfurt and many other cities to accommodate the 'new' move into creating offices for financial services. It was because of this that I started to look at buildings, interiors and exterior structures, in an abstract way. So much so this became all encompassing and I stopped taking photographs of the people and the activity on the street of the cities.

Eindhoven, Strasbourg, Lisbon, Barcelona, Milan, Madrid and Dusseldorf, not to mention new cities such as Dubai, all passed me by as an opportunity to delve into the world of architectural abstract capture. Yet, with the people still there going about their daily routines,  still living, moving, breathing even; I missed them all as I hit this somewhat embarrassingly, narrow mindedness of capturing a city!

A City is a City with people - the human element - in it. That sleep work and dream in. Street photography reflects that! Street photography records the movement, the life the activity! 

You just got to remember to keep your eyes open to it!