PHOTOGRAPHY LIVE AND UNCUT NO. 110 with Alex Lambrechts

In my continuing series of re-inviting some of my past guests, Alex Lambrechts joined me for no. 110.

Alex is never short of a word or two especially when it comes to talking about creating your art as a photographer. He is passionate about this and in his workshops he is always looking to take his attendees out of their comfort zone. I've been there and know what he can achieve! In this show though not only was Alex talking of creating art and moving on with it, never being satisfied to what has been created and looking to learn and improve from shoot to shoot, he also talked (in depth) about his new role as the Photographic Director for the latest magazine to hit the shelves in the UK - The Fall. It's a fascinating concept of a magazine, which you will hear loads about in the show. But suffice to say it is a magazine that in my opinion, all photographers should buy read and study what has and can be achieved. As usual it was a great time talking to Alex.

Thanks Alex

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Photography Live and uncut episode no.110 with Alex Lambrechts 

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The Fall (Magazine)


Ted Vieira joined me for show no. 109.

Ted is one of those guys that is so laid back 'cool' and relaxed that it set the scene for an easy conversation... Talking to him is just a joy. In this episode we talked about his love of film photography using his Leica M6, and his Medium format camera the Mamiya c330, also his film preferences. After so many tests his preference for now is Acros, but there are many more he wants to test! His love of film photography is due largely to the Fuji filter options on his Fuji X-Pro2 and X-T2. He says in the interview that Fuji made him slow down after he had switched from Canon. Which in-turn made him consider using film cameras for his personal work. Ted is an accomplished portrait and glamour photographer and produces some fine work for his wonderful commercial work, for which he still prefers to work with his Fuji's (X100T, X-Pro2 and the X-T2). But for his street photography he is enjoying his Leica M6 and Mamiya c330 out and about.  In the show you will see us compare printed images instead of the usual screen share. A new idea of mine, which I think really showed the quality of work that can be achieved with Film cameras.

So, I hope this show gives you a few pointers and if you haven't considered trying an 'old' film camera why not do so?... It might just open your eyes a little wider to the wonderful art of photography. 

Thanks Ted.

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Photography Live and Uncut episode no. 109 with Ted Vieira 

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The term 'Street Photographer' can be considered misleading. It covers all aspects of photographs taken on the street, in cities, towns and villages. But considering Reportage, Documentarist or Photojournalist brings a whole new meaning to the genre. Whatever the desired title all are important. Without the image in my opinion our history is lost. Words alone can be great and powerful but it is the image that will stay with you. Peter Dench for over 20 years has dedicated his photography career to the study of 'life', be that in Dallas, Ibiza or Bournemouth. It could be argued that his image making is similar to Martin Parr and in some cases William Egglestone. That said Peter's work is important to recognise and to enjoy.

He started photography at the age after 14 (realising that although he was a talented cricketer it wasn't going to be a profession he could enjoy fully). Photography gave him that and he went on to study various degrees of photography from school through to University.

He is a photographer that regards the camera as a tool, choosing a system that works for him on the projects that he sets for himself. Now an Olympus ambassador, simply put with two Olympus bodies (m4/3), two prime lenses (with dare I mention One Zoom lens as a back up!) he is set to go. As you will see in the Screenshare section of the show, Peter's style is one of colour (he never works in Mono) and getting close into the action. He is not one to stand on the other side of the street with a zoom lens and work (as one of my previous guest mentioned) 'Sneaky' style!).

Peter's latest project though has been the publication of a book titled The Dench Dozen! A book that studies 12 British photographers. At £50 one could think it a little pricey, but its not your usual photo book. It's written in a style to share the lives and work of each given photographer that are his friends and those he admires. Interesting to note the sub title of the book is Volume 1... Maybe another to follow? 

Thanks Peter.

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The Hungry Eye as they say "HUNGRY EYE is on an insatiable search for original and exceptional image-making in every aspect and every discipline." Well worth a read!

The Dench Dozen. Great Britons of Photography Vol.1


Matt Hart

Matt Hart

I've known Matt Hart for a couple of years and to be honest I have always wanted him to be a guest on Photography Live and Uncut. There is a saying better late than never and this show didn't disappoint. Matt Hart has been a photographer since he can remember. Starting to take photos at a very young age setting up his own darkroom in his parents attic and gaining his knowledge by the good old fashioned route of talking to knowledgable people in the camera stores - which unfortunately these days are very few and far between - about film, paper and chemicals. Initially a Nikon shooter Matt switched to the Fujifilm X series system of which he is now a Fuji X-Photographer. Matt has never been busier what with Fuji representation and commitments, his own commercial work plus now his enthusiasm for the Fujiholics group of which he is a founding member. Matt specialises in street photography and you can see and learn from the Screenshare section of the show, his work and his passion for street photography. As he says 'there's nothing better than to get out and take photographs!'

Thanks Matt

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Winning a gold medal at the Olympics must be for any sportsman a dream. But, then to move on to make your hobby your job would probably top that! This is exactly what Kevin Light - my guest on Live and uncut 106 - has been able to achieve. Winning the Gold Medal for Canada in 2008 for the rowing eight, sitting at bow (as he was the lightest!) and at that time also started to take photographs! This has lead on to this being his profession as a sports photographer for Canadian magazines and newspapers. Looking at his work on the Screenshare and listening to him describe his work, you can sense not only his pride but also his enthusiasm for his new profession. Not only this he is very quick to remind people of the immense support he has had from his coaches when rowing in the past to the 'pro' photographers that have continued to advise and help him improve his photography. Being an athlete and getting to the top Kevin knows what it takes and also is well aware of how to stay there. It takes sheer determination...



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This week my guest was Doug Kaye who has been a regular co-host on TWIP with Frederick Van Johnson, and 'All about the Gear' for nearly three years and now in a new show he co-hosts 'Camera Labs' with Gordon Laing. That's not to mention his earlier careers in sound and lighting, cinematography and computer software!

Episode 104 : Doug Kaye

Episode 104 : Doug Kaye


He joined me shortly after his return from Cuba where he had held a photography workshop. In the new year he has a fully booked workshop in January and another in March (with a few places available) again both to Cuba.

Doug with his vast experience of cameras and lens gave some great insight into the camera systems available today but interestingly like a few other photographers I could mention has recently bought a 1966 Rolleiflex 2.8 - medium format camera. I think its great to see this film renaissance we are seeing today.

Going to the 'screen-share' we could see the creativity that Doug produces with his photographs. Always looking for the light. Such a simple thing to say, hard to see and understand at first, but once mastered is such an important aspect, especially in street photography, to use.

I hope you enjoy the show where so much is to learn from what Doug has to say.

Thanks Doug.




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Photography Live and Uncut no. 103 with Scott Wyden Kivowitz and AD. Wheeler

Scott Wyden Kivowitz                                            AD. Wheeler

Scott Wyden Kivowitz                                          AD. Wheeler



In this weeks episode I talk to Scott and AD. to discuss how using a blog and social media can improve your presence on the web and get you spotted for that commercial work you clamour for. Scott and Ad. have both appeared on my show before and have a wealth of experience in teaching via workshops and The Arcanum. They use the internet to promote their work and business' in various ways. Scott by blogging regularly and AD. by using significant hashtags to his photos. But both remembering to bring the viewer back to their website.


I hope you enjoy the show there are loads of tips you can glean from this show, if you are struggling to get your work seen out there.


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Photography Live and Uncut with Scott and AD.


Scott's blog    -    Scott on Medium  -   Scotts website   -    Scott on Instagram


AD. on Flickr    -     AD. 's website    -   AD on Instagram


Photography Live and Uncut No. 102 with Scott Kelby




It was a great pleasure to welcome Scott Kelby to my show this week. He had just hot footed over to his office after a long webinar on Kelby One. In this episode of Photography Live and uncut we discussed Scott's initial introduction into photography and the beginnings of the business he has developed with his wife Kalebra. Scott is well know for his love of travel and sports photography. His preferred gear system at this time is Canon primarily for his sports action needs and has been an advocate of this system over the last few years.

It was interesting though how the show switched to the likes and dislikes of street photography. As you know I love 'good' street photography and we both agreed there is a lot of poor attempts at this genre out there. But for Scott to make the comment that it was a 'sneaky' and 'creepy' style of photography and that it would be the first to go I think was a little over the top. Also I would add as I mentioned in the show using a 'Pro" camera (as Scott would advocate) is the wrong tool for street photography - The history of street photography from the classic photographers to the present day, is littered with quality work achieved on inconspicuous cameras, such as a Leica, Fuji or Olympus 4/3.

Here are some comments made on the back of the show... 

Andrew Criswell - Very interesting, fresh discussion on the virtues of street photography. 

Greg Kowal - Scott is wrong about the privacy and photography in the future. Public spaces don't have privacy and never will. It would be the most idiotic law ever.

Greg Kowal is a nice collection of good and creative street photography.

Greg Kowal - at 35:45 , why would you need a signed release in NY? For street photography purposes nobody needs that as you can easily publish a book without releases.

Tom Fairley - Scott and Paul, the great two man team. So enjoyed the discussion on street photography. Thanks Paul

and finally from Ray Warren - I watched this not long after it aired and I have been meaning to say I think Scott was a bit rough on you and street photographers in general. By a 'bit' I mean a lot. Although I admire his ability and motivation for distilling complex concepts into digestible tutorials, he does stand on the shoulders of giants to do so. And too many people give him credit for borrowed knowledge and talent. I think he doesn't understand street photography and is not comfortable to get any successful shots and is therefore writing off the whole genre as 'creepy'. I watched the videos of him following Jay Maisel around and he seems totally uncomfortable and out of his depth. I don't think it is fair to project those insecurities onto others.


The comments above seem to back my opinion, that street photography is important to our world history and the documenting of our world as we know it today. You kill street photography you kill the art and history of image documentation be they good or bad images! Done correctly, with politeness and openness some very good street work can be achieved, without any inconveniences caused.

Maybe we should start to consider changing the name of the genre to image or photography documentation?


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Photography Live and Uncut no. 101 with John Lehmann




In this weeks show the award winning photo-journalist, John Lehmann, from Canada, joined me. John has recently appeared on Big Head Taco and presents his own show on You Tube reviewing camera gear and various photography scenarios. We talk about his career in photojournalism, his love of the right tool for the right job, how he got started in the business, his travels and much more. 

Johns work in the field is outstanding and is the first choice to be sent out to cover a story either of his own design or by request of his newspaper. He has worked in many countries but those in Asia such as Hong Kong, Vietnam and Cambodia have seen his most recognised work. He has just returned from the Rio Olympics where he was commissioned to follow the Canadian team to record their successes.

Thanks John for a great informative show.

'Leave your camera bag at home'.

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Photography live and uncut episode 100 with Ted Forbes



It was my 100th show this evening... Ted Forbes joined me to talk about photography books, photographers and significant moments in the last 100 years. No tall order I guess. Those amongst many mentioned include HCB, Josef Koudelka, Atget, Brassaï, Lartigue, David Bailey, Edward Steichen , Hyacinth Daniels (Hy Money), Sir Simon Marsden, Alex LambrechtsDamien LovegroveChris Upton our good friend David Brookover , Robert Frank and Ansel Adams,

I hope you all enjoy the show and for those that have watched all, some or just maybe one episode thank you so much for your support.





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