"Live and Uncut " - Episode #27 : Don Komarechka.

The Iceman cometh!

As you have probably realised one of my favourite shows via You Tube or Google+ is TWIP. Hosted by Frederick van Johnson, he has a multitude of guests that join him each week to talk about Photography news over that past week. One of his regular guest is Don Komarechka who always brings to the table a deep founded knowledge of photography and also a keen understanding of what is happening in the photographic world. So for Don to join me on my show was an absolute delight.

Let me say straight off the bat, I'm not a macro shooter but, I do find the skill that this type of photographer produces sometimes mesmerising. Now imagine if you will photographing a 'Snowflake'. Just one 'Snowflake'. All sorts of concerns come to mind here for me. Getting the snowflake, arranging a background, keeping it in its state long enough, then to take the image and get it all in focus! Don Komarechka is just that photographer who accomplishes all that is required to produce a quality image of this nature.

Using just a black glove for a background and a Canon 1Dx with a multitude of extension rings and a macro lens (the whole kit measures in length about 300mm), Don takes anywhere up to '300' (thats not a typo) images per Snowflake. Oh and by the way thats handheld, no tripod! By the way he doesnt have to worry about the Snowflake melting when the winter temperature in Toronto barely breaks -10 or sometimes lower (-20 even!)... Then using Photoshop to stack the images of varying focal points, he creates stunning, just stunning, images of Snowflakes. Yes and each Snowflake is different! Our conversation centralised on his book 'Sky Crystals' (see below for the link), where we talked about the inception of it, the creation and the pitfalls of such a project of which there were many. But undeterred Don was committed and has produced a wonderful detailed book on this subject. So detailed that it is considered a reference book and is highly regarded in the study of Science and Snowflakes in particular.

But, Don isn't just a Macro shooter. We talked also about his recent trip to the Yukon and the amazing images of the Northern lights, the landscapes and the nature images he made. Also his interest in other styles of infrared and Urban photography. In addition as it just so happened he had just announced on Google+ that he was about to start to take on a Cohort in The Arcanum.

Now, that would be some group to be part of!

Thanks Don.

Until next time 'Leave you camera bag at home'!

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Live and Uncut episode #27 : with Don Komarechka