"Live and Uncut " - Episode #28 : Dave Kai-Piper

The 11th Hour man! Phew...

Dave Kai-Piper

Dave Kai-Piper

As I mentioned in my introduction I was all set to go, Live and Uncut with my guest Glyn Dewis, when I got an urgent email the night before from him, saying that he was unable to join me as a commercial shoot had been offered to him. Well you can't turn work down especially in this day and age, but I hope I can link up with Glyn at a later date.

So I was left with a conundrum, whether to go it alone and do a chat on some images that had been posted to the One Camera One Lens Flickr group or try and get a guest at the 11th hour! It was too late to do comments on the images - it's still early days for this group and there hasn't been enough loaded on to be honest so, I tracked around to see who might be available. Dave Kai-Piper was and stepped up to the plate; bless him! And what a great chat we had. Knowing that he was a Fuji user, yes I know another one, but hey I'm a little biased as you know, (and I will be making every effort to reach out to other camera type users in the future - 'I promise') I thought the conversation would go along the lines of Dave using the Fuji system for his work and general pleasure. Not quite the case.

Dave, unashamedly admits, that he is very fortunate to have a number of cameras. Cameras that suit the type of work he is doing. The Fuji system (The X-T1) goes with him everywhere, But his Nikon and Sigma cameras of which he speaks very highly of have their purposes as well, especially when running workshops where he has a knowledge of the cameras his students might be using and there might be various number of different cameras being brought along. He specialises in Glamour, Portraiture, Boudoir and Weddings, plus of course running workshops and the odd video or two on You Tube. This spread of work emphasises I think his need to have cameras for the job.

He is an avid 'photo' book reader and produces his own books through Blurb. Interestingly enough, for me at any rate, he visualises an image for a print layout rather than for the scene he sees. By doing this enables him to create the right image for the right page in a magazine or book. (landscape shot for a spread or slightly off centred portrait so as not to interfere with text on a front cover or the binding).This is something which I'm sure a lot of amateurs wouldn't care to think of but, when you think of it, its a great way to work showing your client you understand their needs when it comes to publication.

We scrolled though his portfolio and apologies for the confusion here but the settings for screen share were playing up. But I hope you get a chance to see his outstanding portfolio, not only of his commercial but his travel and personal work as well. Proving that a camera is a tool for the job and not one is a 'can do all'. Although there are some photographers that may beg to differ!

Thanks Dave for stepping in at a very late stage for me and Live and Uncut.

I hope you enjoy the show... Until next time - "Leave you camera bag at home"


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