"Live and Uncut " - Episode #26 : Going Solo.

So many to thank.

Oh thats me by the way! Paul Griffiths (Host to Live and Uncut)

Oh thats me by the way! Paul Griffiths (Host to Live and Uncut)

After show #25 I decided that it was time for me to thank my guests for being part of Live and Uncut. So Episode #26 went out last Friday as a short but huge thank-you to all my guests that have appeared and to those that have encouraged me to start the show and have given advice.

I won't go through the show here detailing each mention that I made, I'll leave that to you to watch on You Tube. But suffice to say that I have enjoyed each and every show talking to my guests about their experiences their careers and their work in photography. To me photography is all about sharing, not only work be that by the internet or a book but of sharing advice and time. This I have come to appreciate as I send out invites to photographers all over the world. A lot have spared their time to talk to me and I hope have made the show enjoyable for you.

Google+ has allowed me and many others to make these interviews possible. Talking to people literally all over the world is a wonderful experience. Social media has allowed us to post our work, share our experiences and to get our message out 'there'. How small the world has become. 

So as I mentioned in the broadcast, I'm going to add the all important links to my guests, that I have had so far on my show. Links to their Google+ page and to their personal websites, where no doubt you will find further social network links to move on from.

Thanks again for watching, until next time

'Leave your camera bag at home...'

Live and Uncut : Episode 26 http://youtu.be/J2eDnK-236c

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