Photography "Live and Uncut " - Episode #30 : John Arnold

I like to share knowledge....

Talking to John Arnold last Friday, I came across a gentleman that is so passionate, not only about his work and interest in photography, but of his wanting to share his knowledge. He just loves to teach!

On leaving school being very IT minded he worked for ICL a British competitor to IBM. Then, moving on from there John started and stills runs a printing company. He started to get really into photography as the digital age hit the market around 2000. 

Sharing his 500.px site via a Screenshare you realise that John has a very keen eye for detail. Even though I thought that his 'macro' work was stunning he had noticed some irregularities which he needed to correct. We talked about his show 'Photowalkthrough' which has been running on You Tube now, for over 200 episodes. The show is based on free tutorials that demonstrate editing skills, talks about cameras and editing plugins and programmes. Plus just recently, John announced that he has just been drafted onto the Masters list of The Arcanum, where he will soon be inviting applicants to join his Cohort.

This involvement with The Arcanum emphasises his passion for teaching. Being a student myself, in the Valerie Jardin Cohort of Street Photography I realise the time and care that is needed by the master to meet the demands of an apprentice. With John you can see his has this in 'bucketful loads' to make his Cohort a success. I cannot imagine for one second that his apprentices will learn and feel extremely satisfied with his knowledge and skills of photography.

I found it interesting that John and I followed a similar path into photography. We both started with a simple Instamatic 110 camera; we both ran off the rails of photography for a while, as work and other interest got in the way; and we both got back into photography in a deep and satisfying way when the digital age came to the market. And now with the advent of You Tube, Google+ and Flickr that are available as an everyday social media activity for photographers amateur and professional (not to mention 500px and many, many other social media sites), opportunities to expand your photography skills, knowledge and who knows businesses are boundless.

One thing though that we all find. Learning about photography is key! To learn you have to have tutors that are willing to pass on that knowledge. No doubt many of you will have experienced the secretive camera club attitude, as member is unwilling to pass on his/her tips in case they get beaten in the next competition! There is no doubt in my mind that learning the skills of photography can be by either attending workshops, being part of a group such as the Arcanum or simply searching for the tutorials on You Tube. Photowalkthough with John Arnold is one such tutorial channel that you simply must subscribe to.

I hope you enjoy watching Photography : 'Live and Uncut' with John Arnold and realise his passion and his skill in his photography.

Thanks John.

Until next time "Leave your Camera bag at home"

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