Photography "Live and Uncut " - Episode #33 : Tomasz Lazar

Tomasz Lazar

Tomasz Lazar

My guest last Friday Tomasz Lazar, got his first camera in 2006 when his parents bought him a Nikon D50 to go on holiday to Barcelona. He was captivated from then on and wanted to learn more about photography as a lot of his images from that holiday weren't that successful. Since then he switched to a Canon Full frame camera, but tended to stay to 35 and 50mm lenses as his love of street photography took hold.

Interesting to note that Tomasz has won some kind of award in photography since 2006! He just loves to being out and about - sometimes for up to 10 hours! - getting into street life in his local town of Szczecin, Poland. He has been, for a number of years now developing a project called a 'Theatre of life'. 'There is no rush with this project'... he says, which has 35 images to date and is determined to take his time on it. 

On qualifying in IT from college, he has followed a professional career in commercial and editorial photography. His editorial work has covered a number of subjects from being sent to Kosova to study Serbian minorities, for the Herald Tribune, to more work that followed in Warsaw and Slovakia. All superb work, which recently is made with the Fuji X series cameras, this is mainly due to the lightness of the equipment but, at the same time producing stunning images. Using the X100s with the two adapters, he feels he has the right equipment to make the images that are suitable for the editorial and his project work. Added to this he thinks that when the new X-Pro2 is released he'll be switching over to the Fuji system and selling his Canon gear. Isn't it interesting how many professional photographers are making this switch?

His favourite photographer at the moment is Trent Parker, 'so much can be learned from his style of photography'... he says, The more you hear Tomasz talking about his and other professionals work you can tell he is a deep thinker of photography and for this reason I can tell his workshops must be a must go to event. At the moment his workshops are mainly in his own country but he is considering coming to London for some intense work shops. They are a combination and practice, drawing from his experiences and the old masters!

His inspiration comes from novels, art and music. although he hated reading at a young age he is an avid reader now! Music? From the link to his other passion of dance when he was younger. All in all it was a fascinating talk with Tomasz Lazar with so much to learn from someone who, really, has only just started his career in photography!

I hope you enjoy the show...

Until next time " Leave your camera bag at home'

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