Photography "Live and Uncut " - Episode #34 : Jonathan Chritchley

A man of the sea!

I first came across the photography work by Jonathan Chritchley a few years ago when I was just scrolling through the pages of photographers on the internet and an article in a Photography Magazine. His abstract images of sails and the sea captivated me.

Jonathan first fell in love with the sea when he moved to Lymington on the south coast of England from London at the age of 14. Being so close to the sea he just couldn't stay away from the sailing clubs and then finding the photography of Beken of Cowes, his interest in photography grew. His first 'grown up' camera that he had was a Nikon Fm. Cameras in those days were built to last and the Nikon F range of cameras were renowned for that. It's probably the reason that Jonathan has stayed with Nikon range since then. He now shoots with a Nikon 800E using lenses that range from 24-70mmm f2.8 and the 70-200mm and has just recently upgraded to the latest 80-400mm of which he is really enjoying to use.

He first started taking images of sailing boats in 2008, he was already into digital photography by then. He had used a Hasselblad before and later repeated as best he could, all this work 'digitally' using a Nikon DSLR. And yes you could wonder how a digital camera survives being used at 'sea'. Jonathan readily admits that he uses his cameras 'hard' and he gets through them. There must be a time I suppose that no matter how much care you take over them in the end they have to be replaced! His work is readily available through galleries has been published in countless magazines and can be bought from via his website. Also if you're lucky enough to cruise on the P and O ship 'Azura' his work is represented there in the gallery on board!

Jonathan is unsure how his style was created but believes that studying the work of the Rosenfeld Collection and the images of sails and yachts, was very influential. This could be argued how his signature imagery started. Now living in Biarritz with his family, Jonathan's work covers his love of the sea, landscapes and 'now' his workshops. Apart from his commercial work these take him to many countries around the world. The choice that is available to join Jonathan on a workshop is endless. (A link is at the bottom of this blog.) With an amazing 85% rebooking 'stat'. What is more, he is now looking to work in collaboration with other photographers namely Michael Levin, Ted Leeming and Morag Paterson. 

Although the majority of Jonathan's work has been in 'Mono" to date, he is starting to make more colour images. Trying to keep as best he can to get an image correct in the camera, he does very little editing to a photograph in post process using Lightroom. But his mono work has now been published in his first book "Silver". This collection of work for me has been a longtime coming, mainly because of time and getting the right team together. From the discussion we had on the process of how the book was put together it is a real labour of love of his photography. It's on my list of 'books to get' - I think I might just have to treat myself to a signed copy by visiting his website!

Jonathan has been inspired mostly by the French film director Luc Besson, especially from his film 'The Big Blue', which was made in the eighties and completely got him 'spell bound' by the camera work! His favourite photographer, I managed to pin him down to say, would be the Rosenfelds, which he finds are just wonderful, although I must say I think Beken of Cowes he also holds close to his heart as well!

Thank you Jonathan.


So, that was the last Photography : Live and Uncut show for 2014. I do hope that you have enjoyed watching the shows and maybe you have found an interest or learnt something from the discussions. I  certainly have!

That just leaves me to say; I hope you have a great Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year, and I'll look forward to presenting Photography : Live and Uncut to you in 2015, when I'll have some more super guests joining me.

"Leave your camera bag at home"

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