'Live and Uncut' - Episode #9 : Always Learning.

I've been very fortunate to interview guests on my show that are passionate about their photography their art and have had stories to tell.

Gerry Walden

Talking to Gerry was like getting back together with a long lost friend. I'd scheduled the show for 40 minutes but I just knew it was going to be longer than that! He had stories and photo's to share in abundance. Not only is he passionate about photography and his work, but also the masters past and present - he is an avid collector of photography books. We talk about his experiences of charging just £5 for a wedding event when he first got started, to photographing widely know stars from film, Tv, radio and the literary world, such as Tony Curtis, Joss Ackland, Chris Evans and Jack Vettriano. His other photographic passion is to go to see Jazz bands and musicians practice... ('The best time to shoot them as you can move around without getting in the audience's way' - he says!)

Our conversation covered not only how he got started and his work but the equipment he has used, uses now and why, plus his continued thirst to learn - by reading books or joining workshops! After a attending a recent workshop, Gerry talks very highly of the refreshing almost naive 'new' style of Alex Lambrechts, likening him to what David Bailey did in the 60's.

This episode is one that I really urge you to listen to. I could have talked to him all night!

Here's the link to the show on You Tube: 'Live and Uncut'

Thanks Gerry...

You can find more information on Gerry's work here...

His website... http://gerrywalden.zenfolio.com/

on Facebook... https://www.facebook.com/gerry.walden?fref=ts

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