"Live and Uncut" - Episode #14 : Grappling on the Streets

A new photographer making his way.

Oli Sandler

Oli Sandler

Last Friday I spoke to Oli Sandler, who is steadily making his way up the professional ranks of photography.

Photography for Oli, although he studied it a school, really took off for him went he attended the Central Lancashire University in Preston where he offered his photographic skills. 

The camera at that time had been bought for him by his Father as a present for getting to University. (Its something that Dads do when they're proud of what their kids have achieved); anyhow Oli was given an opportunity of taking the photos at the Uni. Nightclub and band concerts on campus. He relished in this environment, who wouldn't, getting your images shown on the website and the odd one printed in the university magazine and at the same time having a good night out! Despite this though, after two years Oli realised that the course he was on wasn't working out for him and he returned to London basically to look for work. He knew some people that might be looking for a photographer at some night clubs, he asked got the work and his photographic career was off and running.

Now, this might sound all to easy. But in my opinion what you have to take into account is the forward thinking and the ability to get out there and sell yourself. This, Oli has done. Not only has he been rewarded by his determination of getting a contract to be a resident photographer at one club but that has now increased to several clubs. Not with standing that his life long passion of Wrestling has also proved to be good photographic opportunity for him as well. Oli is now regularly seen at all the prime wrestling tournaments not only in London but throughout the UK, where his photography skills are needed. His images are seen on wresting websites, magazines and in some cases the Metro daily newspaper! Many other photographic opportunities have followed. All without an agent all his own work getting out there and selling his craft!

As I'm sure you're aware taking photographs in night clubs and at wrestling tournaments is not an easy thing to do. Although the tournaments are well lit for televised events and the audience he has to get the exposure right in camera. This also applies to the night clubs, strobes and bright lights that I'm sure can play havoc with exposure readings.

It was a pleasure to talk to Oli and how refreshing to hear a new photographer making good who has realised his skills and is capitalising on it. How does he relax? Well of course he takes photographs; using the street as practice and by looking at his website his street photography isn't to 'shabby' either!

Next up for Oli is the boxing ring. No, I don't think he is going to get in it but, I have every confidence that you'll be seeing him soon at ringside taking the all important images of the event. Look out for the name in the photographic credits in the magazines and newspapers. Somehow I get the feeling that you will be hearing quite a bit of Oli Sandler in the future!

Please make a point to watch this show. If you're thinking of taking up photography as a profession a lot can be learnt from Oli here.

Until next time.. 'Leave you camera bag at home." ©Paul Griffiths

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