"Live and Uncut" - Episode #12 : R Toys for us?

In this digital age that we live in its quite refreshing to talk to a photographer that is passionate about film photography.



Kevin Meredith otherwise or rather, better known as 'Lomokev' was my guest last Friday.

Kevin first got involved with photography when he went to college. He was advised to get an SLR even though he wasn't aware what an SLR was. He bought a Yashica with a 'zoom' lens,  (He's unsure what lens exactly it was). His first attempts of taking images proved to be successful and he was bitten. His career in photography really started when he managed to get involved with taking images at a 'Rave' party. His images were spotted and he was invited to publish them in a Rave magazine called Eternity. For £50 pound a night plus expenses he regularly had his images published allowing him to do the two things at the time he enjoyed the most. Going to Rave parties and shooting photographs!

From College he went onto University in itself an achievement as his tutors didn't think he 'd pass his GCSE's. By now he had on from the Yashica to a Canon EOS 50E. But, on a trip to New York he decided to get a small camera that he could carry anywhere, in his pocket. He couldn't afford a compact camera and decided to buy a Lomo LCA. This camera opened the world to Kevin and continued his love of film photography. With the different processes that can be applied to developing the film from the LCA he was achieving images that that sparked his imagination. He hardly used his EOS from then on.

Totally satisfied using the Lomo camera Kevin has paved the way with an outstanding following on Flickr where he posts his images. His extensive website shows a range of photography that covers all aspects. From street to visual art to photo art with his montage work. Kevin now holds regular workshops and has a number of books under his name.

I hope you enjoy this fascinating interview where as I said before it was so refreshing to talk to a photographer that has kept his passion of film photography going with the aid of a simple plastic camera and lens but producing stunning images developed by different classic darkroom processes. 

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"Leave your camera bag at home"


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