"Live and Uncut" - Episode #No number : Out of your Comfort Zone.

Firstly an explanation. Why Episode #no number? Simply I don't trust the number 13, for some reason.

Alex Lambrechts. Fashion and Lifestyle photographer.

Alex Lambrechts. Fashion and Lifestyle photographer.

I first met Alex when I attended one of his workshops in February of this year. As he started the workshop he said 'I'm going to take you out of your comfort zone', (the reason for the title of this show) and he certainly did that.

Alex is one of those guys that seems to be in the right place at the right time. His first introduction to photography was when he helped his mother out in her darkroom processing lab. He says she was very skilful at it, producing excellent work and for this reason the family set up a business by opening up a steam of shops for process and development of photographs back in the old analogue film world. Alex would work in the shop on a regular basis, and learnt a lot,  but was encourage by his father to take up martial arts. He became quite good at that, started to teach and then moved into the protection service of various dignitaries. From this he moved into Night Clubs and running clubs. Not satisfied with that he then moved into a successful marketing career. Steadily important contacts were being built and they proved important when he finally picked up a camera in 2009 and thought seriously about being a photographer.

But, just being a photographer you get the impression from Alex thats not good enough. You sense their is this 'need' to be understood and to be different. He studies photography endlessly. Studying the old masters their style and ideas that they used. This is not so that he can copy their style but to give him a background of knowledge of what worked and what didn't. He recognises the skill of David Bailey (a pioneer) in his words, Edward Steichen and Richard Avedon, 'they don't come much better than that'.

Its clear to me in this interview that yet again I come across a photographer that is still willing to learn about photography (Sometimes studying photographers and their work up to 20 hours over a weekend) and to put their own little twist into their work. This is important as the worst thing that a photographer can do is copy exactly what has been done before. After all as Alex said during our talk 'their is only one Picasso' copying him is no point! Alex is clear of what he wants to do in his own mind; getting that point over to the art director of a shoot is the 'tough thing'.

A thoroughly fascinating interview for me. One that I would urge you to watch. There is a lot in this episode that we can all learn from. I hope you you enjoy it as much as I did.

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'Leave your camera bag at home!'


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