"Live and Uncut " - Episode #20: ‘Well Hello!’.

'An insight to a planned world'

Karen Hutton who is well known for her voice for Trey Ratcliff's "Stuck in Customs" app, joined me for my regular 'Live and Uncut' show last Friday. Over the past few years Karen has steadily built an amazing portfolio of photographs ranging from Landscape to Macro.

She is a 'Photographer' although probably better known for her landscape work, she is happy with camera in hand making photographs of "How she sees it". Note that I say that and not "What she sees'. Sometimes these creations come from a single world of thought, a song or a story that come to mind at the time. Take a look at her website (KarenHutton.com) and you will see the thoughts she shares with us.

Having a background in film and the darkroom, Karen is only to familiar with what can be created after the image has been taken. Her work now is all digital and this has allowed her to use that knowledge with the tools available on her computer, to create the images of how she saw it. She is not one to shy away from creating an image of art by enhancing light shadow and colour. 

From an early age Karen mapped her life out. She's been an actress, a horse trainer, a dancer, an ice skater, voice coach and of course as you know the 'Voice-over' for a couple of apps especially 'Stuck in Customs'. But she is a full on photographer now, with an increasing audience for her photographs, her inspirational seminars, her show on You Tube 'The Chat' and as a tutor. She is a Master of The Arcanum offering her valued guidance and critique of work by her apprentices and is only to willing to pass on her knowledge to that student. Being an apprentice of The Arcanum myself, but in another Cohort that specialises in street photography, I have had the immense pleasure of watching, listening and learning from a Karen Hutton critique session. She doesn't miss much I can tell you! But catches on to the style that the student is trying to create. Outside of The Arcanum there are not many so called tutors of photography that can do that!

I hope that you enjoy watching this show as much as I did talking to Karen Hutton. Her enthusiasm for photography is boundless. She is truly passionate about photography.

"Life is Light" isn't a tagline. It's me. by Karen Hutton...  What beautiful words.

Until Next time - Leave your camera bag at home!


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