"Live and Uncut " - Episode #21 : ‘All Change!’.

My friends from the Arcanum come to my rescue.

Greig Houghton and Vesa Loikas

Greig Houghton and Vesa Loikas

After being away for a week on a glorious cruise round the coast of Italy 'Live and Uncut' returned, last Friday. All things were lined up with my guest only to receive a late apology with a request to reschedule. This is what happens when you go 'Live and Uncut' things can change at really a drop of the hat. So we rescheduled for next Friday and I can promise you if you're into editing your images it's a show to watch. My guest next week is an Editing Maestro! Coming back to last Friday, I had to think fast... Do I go it alone, something I haven't done yet, but intend to do so soon, or do I send out for quick-back up, reinforcement call? I chose the latter,  sent out a quick 'Mayday' to my street Cohort in The Arcanum, to join me just for a relaxed chat about anything photography. And Vesa Loikas and Greig Houghton were kind enough to join me.

Vesa, who lives in Finland, is a new member to our Cohort, so to join me on a live show must of been pretty daunting for him, especially as we have never spoken to each other before. Greig I've known since the The Arcanum started up and is a good friend, so the balance was right. Obviously as we are street photography fanatics, this subject was the basis of our talk but we tried to cover other aspects such as new projects, style, learning and books.

Vesa is fortunate in that his work (he's an Architect by trade) allows him to get out with his camera on quite a regular basis, to make images of buildings, surprisingly for me, with a Nikon D7000 and a 'normal' 10-24 zoom lens, and editing in Lightroom and Photoshop to improve the vertical alignments but street photography has really caught his interest using his Fuji X100s. (Yet another Fuji street photographer!) Greig as well as myself, is trying out different styles and after studying the masters of photography such as Brassai and for me Saul Leiter, working the light in the image has now become a fundamental part of our photography. But Grieg also likes to get out a make some landscape images which he uses as a break from street photography.

I hope you enjoy the show and my thanks to my rescue Party Greig and Vesa... Thanks guys.


Leave your camera bag at home...


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Live and Uncut : Episode #21


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