"Live and Uncut " - Episode #24 : with Matthew Maddock.

Talking Fuji and accessories.

Matthew Maddock.

Matthew Maddock.

It was a pleasure to interview Matthew Maddock of photomadd.com on Live and Uncut last Friday. He had just returned from the Photokina Show In Cologne and getting a first hand insight to the show from a Fuji perspective was interesting to listen to.

Matthew has developed an exciting 'commercial' photography line of business where his images are in demand. In addition to this he is developing a number of accessories designed to use with the Fuji X-series of cameras. This aspect is growing very fast with a number of Fuji users adding these accessories to their cameras.

Matthew understandably didn't want to give too much away about the new products coming on board but I think its safe to say 'watch this space' as he adds to his product list. I have bought the 'Photomadd' hand grip to fit my X-E1 which I can say is extremely well made, fits the camera perfectly and securely and gives me that extra bit of hand to camera grip that I need. He has also added a thumb grip to the product line, (considerably cheaper than others on the market and doesn't use the allen key fixing!)

I find it interesting to talk to photographers that want to develop their business, not by relying on their photographic work but by creating an item that fellow photographers need. This could be a tutorial session or workshop, or a video on You Tube, but to create a product line is something special. To recognise the requirement improve it and sell it at a suitable price is 'entrepreneurial'!

So, this is where show's like Photokina are so important to any given market. Trade shows, not necessarily consumer shows, allow a more detailed business to business contact and discussion on new products not only, as in this shows' case 'New' cameras, but all things associated with photography. It is an ideal place to make the effort to visit. To see new ideas , hold a few discussions and then on returning back home, to decide whether you can develop on from what you have seen or maybe work out a way to develop your business with the companies that you have met.

All things considered Matthew wasn't interested in seeing what the other camera manufacturers had to show. His interest was in the Fuji stand as he is more than happy with his Fuji gear (by the way the Fuji X30 really caught his eye) but, the opportunity to see the accessory side of the show was his main objective.

So keep an eye-out for new products coming to fruition through photomadd.com - To me it looks like exciting times for Matthew.

Thanks Matthew..


Until next time... Leave your camera bag at home...


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