"Live and Uncut " - Episode #25 : with Kevin Mullins.

Who was it that said? "If your photographs aren't good enough, you're not close enough"

Kevin Mullins

Kevin Mullins

If ever there was a saying / comment made that suited a particular style of photography it's that one by Robert Capa. Kevin Mullins gets in close!

Kevin Mullins the award winning wedding photographer and X-Fuji user, has developed a unique photojournalistic style of photography for weddings. If your wedding needs the multitude of 'posed' group and couple photographs then Kevin is probably not you man. Kevin's work is truly original and has the ability to present a set of images of a wedding as if you are there.

He started his career as a wedding photographer in 'about' 2007, not as a second camera at a wedding, but by just going for it after being asked by a friend. That shows confidence in your own abilities right there. It quickly became apparent to him that his style was unique, by specialising in candid images, capturing the wedding party goers as they were and not in a posed situations. It's almost like bringing street photography to a wedding.

For a while he was a 'die hard' Canon user but came across the Fuji x100. It wasn't love at first sight but Kevin soon realised that having an x100 in his hands he was less conspicuous and that some of the images he was getting he wouldn't of even thought about taking never alone get with a DSLR and large lenses. Weight was certainly an issue as well. Being able to arrive at a wedding with a simple bag rather than larger and more cumbersome one was a joy for him. The X-pro1 quickly joined his gear and then the updated x100s.

In the show you will see an excellent presentation from Kevin, showing his gear and images that he has taken at past weddings. It's then that realise his skill his eye and that in many cases the image has been made and the subject hasn't realised.

I think for me what I have learnt most by talking to professionals (Valerie Jardin, Alex Lambrechts, Gerry Walden and Rinzi Ruiz) who have switched to Fuji, it is apparent that they are obviously very happy with the cameras performance but in addition, a lot of the time they are inconspicuous. Something that the masters from time gone by Robert Capa, Henri Cartier Bresson and Joel Meyerowitz enjoyed with their Leica's and smaller cameras.

Kevin Mullins is a sort after speaker at Fuji events notably in Tokyo recently and at Photokina in Cologne last month, of which he gives a great in sight on Live and Uncut, to what we can expect from the new Fuji X cameras.

A great 'Live and Uncut' show. Listening to the style of approach, what he is looking to achieve, and how he went about creating or getting 'that' shot, was a great insight of a photographer who is highly considered in his field.

Thanks Kevin Mullins


Until next time : 'Leave your camera bag at a home'


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