"Live and Uncut " - Episode #22 : ‘Mesdames et Messieurs’.

An Editing Maestro

Serge Ramelli

Serge Ramelli

It was a pleasure to have on my show last Friday, an Editing Maestro in Serge Ramelli.

But thats not all. We got an insight into his early professional career as to how he got started by offering his services for interior hotel room photography. His dedication showed right there when he made 50 phone calls a day to get the photography contracts. He did it religiously never missed a day and he wasn't bothered by the 'not now thank you' response that just spurred him on to make the next call. You know I read that once about selling; 'Learn to love the answer No"... (nb. thats a blog right there for me.)

Serge developed a very successful hotel room photography business and soon was in a position to develop his passion for making images of his beautiful home city of Paris. By creating stunning images using the editing tools available, for the hotel business, set him in good stead for creating special images of Paris using the photoshop tools. He soon developed the skills for Lightroom and other plugins followed.

This meant with all the skills and knowledge he had built he could now make 'You Tube' presentations to photographer's who were looking for tuition in the editing processes that are available. Serge has away to get the easy points across for you to create something really special with your images. For me learning about reducing highlights and increasing shadows was a total eye opener and one which caused a small argument at my Photo club where the members didn't believe me on the editing process and thought I had used an HDR program!

Serge you could say is living the photographic dream. His tutorials are well established on You Tube, with regular 1000's of viewers each week (he does two a week, I might add). His DVD and download courses are well sort after and whats more he offers for free all of his RAW files if you just simply apply for his weekly newsletter. A RAW file free for you to manipulate edit to your hearts content!

Well thats not all. His business is established in Paris and run by his son, which means Serge is free to go Los Angles, to further his career not only in photography but, books, films and who knows maybe a Kelby One tutorial or two. 8 months in the US and 4 months at home in Paris!

Thanks Serge for taking the time to be on the 'Live and Uncut' show.

Until next time, "Leave your camera bag at home".


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Live and Uncut Episode #22 - Mesdames et Messieurs

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