Photography Live and Uncut Episode 76 with Matt Day

Changed direction for the good.

Matt Day was my guest on Thursday and we both shared our thanks to Ted Forbes (presenter of The Art of Photography), who had recommended our shows to the You Tube masses on one of his episodes. Like me, Matt is a collector of Photographers books and again we have Ted to thank for that! (I just need to strengthen shelves a little as they are buckling under the strain of so many great books.) 

We talked about how he got started in photography and how it has continued. From the first photo project he made using his mothers Minolta, to the start of his passion for photography at the age of 13 when he made portraits of his friends and got paid for the work, much to his surprise. Matt goes on to explain that he had a keen interest in history whilst at school, especially American history! With that subject, he went on to college to start the early stages of studying to be a teacher. But amazingly, after the first year, his mother suggested that he should see how a photographic career would go for him, just for a couple of years. Teaching will still be there if things don't work out!

As the show continued, we discover, life as a photographer for Matt has worked out. He found by offering his portrait services to his college friends gave him an immediate opportunity. Sitters felt comfortable with a photographer of a similar age. Plus recommendations by 'word of mouth' - no better way than that - followed for family sittings, weddings and baby shoots. Surprisingly Matt has never advertised his services, except for Instagram postings. As his website is, as I say, in surgery, we went to screen share to look at Matts postings on his Instagram page. (link below)... This shows a collection of quality work of family and commercial work, images either with digital or film cameras. We talked at length about using film in this digital world. Even though using the Fuji cameras as I do, we both agreed they give a film like quality to the digital image, but there is something quite special when using film. Something which I want to do more in the new year. 

Matt has done some good research and study on film photography. One in particular comes to mind in which he talks about why he switched to Ilford HP5 from Kodak Tri-X. See the show here... This is a typical, detailed show, that Matt regular broadcast's. A show that gives you the right amount of detail just enough to pique your interest! From digital to film types and cameras of various formats, to shooting tips, you will find Matt's show fits the bill.

So needless to say Matt never did return back to college to finish his degree in teaching. But instead he has forged a career in photography, staying close to home and found his niche market. In addition his popular You Tube show has enabled him to cast his net just a little wider.

It was great to talk to a fellow broadcaster especially one who has such a passion for photography.

Thanks Matt.

Until next time 'Leave your camera bag at home'

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