Photography : "Live and Uncut" - Episode 39 with The Guys from Mirrorless Minutes

Two for the price of one...

Mike Boening and Jamie Macdonald

Mike Boening and Jamie Macdonald

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of having my show two guys that host a show Mirrorless Minutes, Mike Boening and Jamie Macdonald.

They first got together when they came across each whilst searching for photographers with a similar interest, that being the Olympus MFT OMD's, on Facebook. Added to thatthey were from the same state, that of Michigan! A friendship developed, a website was created and then the 'Show' was developed for You Tube.

Mirrorless Minutes is (obviously) based on the Mirrorless camera market. Initially set up to concentrate and promote the Olympus OMD range as Jamie is an Olympus trailblazer. Recently though they have realised the potential for their show is to expand to the other manufacturers such as Panasonic, Sony and Fuji (for example and there are many others for them to tap into, now).

This growing innovative market of cameras that are light and easy to handle, could be argued to be the future of photography. The advantage that the Olympus OMD range being 4/3 crop sensor is the abundance of lenses that are available to use, which to some extent is the reason that Olympus are slightly ahead of the game in Mirrorless terms. I was fortunate that Jamie had just finished reviewing the latest Olympus camera edition the OMD EM5 MkII and he gave a brief but detailed overview of it. The OMD-EM5 MkII, certainly sounds to me as though its one to watch. The main point that I found of interest was the cameras ability to make 40Mp images, from the 16Mp sensor, with its multi shot mode, on what can only be described as a floating sensor. Too technical for me to comment any further only to say to take real advantage of this you need to use a tripod so its one for the landscape photographers! But all in all this sounds a great camera and I know many professional photographers are switching to the Olympus range primarily for their lightness and ease of use. In addition though it must be said, the images from this 2x crop sensor are exceptional.

I've said this before but, I think 2015 is going to be the defining year for the Mirrorless camera manufacturers. It's clear to me that they are far more innovative than the DSLR manufacturers and creating these small cameras, that are easy to use, is a huge plus for photographers that just want to grab a camera a couple of lenses in the pocket, extra batteries and a few SD cards and away they go... Plus no back pain at the end of the day from carrying a huge camera bag! I still find it strange that the big two have not entered the Mirrorless race in a bigger way than they have, perhaps they know something that we don't. But time will tell on that.

Anyhow back to Mirrorless Minutes. This is a great show and both Mike and Jamie enthuse over their preferred camera and produce some quality work. I'm familiar with Mikes 'street' work as we are members of The Arcanum but Jamie's I hadn't really seen before. He showed some great landscapes images when we went to the screen-share that proved the quality of images that can be achieved with the Olympus OMD's and his good eye for a photo. For Mirrorless Minutes they now intend to expand their show by interviewing photographers that use Mirrorless cameras.

They both chose the option to talk about their favourite photographer and their inspiration. Jamie chose Trey Ratcliff as his favourite photographer and what a choice, with his inspiration coming from his kids as he shows the world to them through his images. As he said this world is changing - fast! Mike chose Bruce Gilden, a photographer that he admires greatly for his straight forward approach to street photography! His inspiration? Well no guesses there as he had mentioned his Uncle at the start of the show. When he was young Mike had had the chance to try out many cameras that his Uncle (a professional photographer) owned so it was only natural that the inspiration to photography came from him.

It was great to talk to two fellow 'show' hosts. Their enthusiasm for their chosen camera range was and is obvious to see. I wish them well in their following programmes, I'll certainly be watching.

Until next time... "Leave your camera bag at home"


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