Photography : "Live and Uncut" - Episode 37 with Levi Shand

Its only just begun.

Levi Shand

Levi Shand

After graduating from University in Indiana, USA, Levi had basically enough of banking and decided to go travelling. It was in Thailand that his camera, a Canon G11 took a drenching from a 'huge' wave that despite attempts to rescue caused, Levi to buy a Nikon D7100 with a 35mm lens! An ideal lens for street photography (1.5 crop is equiv. 50mm) but, not exactly the most inconspicuous of cameras but, at the time he wanted a camera to record his travels and soon realised that a particular style was developing. He wasn't aware of the genre of photography he was pursuing, until he came across some articles. Now it had a name - he had found Street Photography!

From Thailand, Levi took an opportunity to move to Madrid with his girlfriend to teach English. Having taught himself to speak Spanish, whilst living in Southern Spain before, the move to this major city wasn't going to cause any language barriers. Teaching allowed him to continue his new found passion of Street Photography. His images are reminiscent of Saul Leiter, Joel Mayerowitz and Henri Cartier-Bresson, three of his favourite photographers, especially found with his use of light, shadow, colour or mono and abstraction. His approach to making images on the street is by one of observation, using staged positions and backdrops or finding intriguing situations, in addition to the creation of abstracts but keeping that element of street activity. His activity of street shooting led him to start a blog. The 3Mil Project. This is a project which uses the element of an image to enhance conversation observation or thought. I like this concept. It's a great blog to read and follow with superb images. The reasoning behind 'The 3Mil Project' is that Madrid has close to 3 million people living there and it is his intention to further this blog by comparing street images and thoughts with another city with a similar size of population, it could be Chicago when he decides to return to the USA.

In addition to this fascinating project, Levi has set up CRISOL. A 'Free' photography club come school in Madrid with over 300 members with a regular turn out of about 70 guys interested in street photography. They create themes for the day, share thoughts, ideas, camera set-up, images critique sessions along with walk about their city taking photo's and having the odd coffee or a beer. Fantastic! What a way to spend a day. Last year this group hosted the 500Px walk-about some 200 people attended! 

Finally at the end of the show Levi decide to choose the option of 'one word' association of a photographers Daido Moriyama, William Klein, William Egglestone, Joel Mayerowitz, Bruce Gilden and Saul Leiter. Some enjoyable conversations developed from his 'one words'...

A great show with a photographer who is one to watch as he develops in the art of Street Photography..

Until next time "Leave your camera bag at home".


Photography : Live and Uncut with Levi Shand


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