Photography : "Live and Uncut" - Episode 48 with Michael Jolliffe

Pushing his boundaries of film photography.

I first met Michael Jolliffe through The Arcanum and it struck me as soon as I saw his work he was one photographer to keep an eye on. Michael first recollection of a camera was as a young boy when he played with an Agfamatic (an Instamatic style) they just loved playing secret agents with this style of camera. They never loaded any film, but had great fun playing with it. The first camera he bought was a 2mp digital Kodak camera. But when he was going on a trip to Perth he went out and bought a Sony Cyber shot.

But photography didn't really get started for him until his daughter was born just 5 years ago. He studied Audio engineering at college and had point and shoot cameras but it was buying the iPhone 3 and adding the Hipstamatic App to it, he saw these wonderful images. He later bought a Nikon D7000 and to be honest his love of photography started.

But not with the digital camera. He found the Hipstamatic app so enchanting that he wanted to replicate the mood of the images. By adapting / editing his digital images in Nik software Silver Efex, it struck him as 'why don't I just try out some film photography'. He wanted to push himself to understand photography more and to take more control of the camera and the final image. The negatives were processed then scanned for editing and printing in a some-what 'Hybrid' process, rather than have a darkroom although it is in his plans to do that in the future. The first film camera that he bought at a market was a Monolta XE5, and a Fujica in a special deal! Other cameras followed such as the Nikonos, an Xpan and his recent purchase Nikon F5.

Michael uses these cameras to create projects. the Nikonos was bought to effectively post something different to his Instagram account. It was a challenge to push himself with this camera having seen work from one of the guys on Instagram that he follows. The images that he took of the kids playing in the swimming pool with this camera are outstanding. The xPan was bought to attempt a different style of wide angled street photography and again these images are amazing and its worth noting that his street images with the Xpan are not all landscaped he pushes the boundaries by shooting portrait fashion as well. The Nikon F5 was bought to couple up with his one remaining Nikkor 85mm f1.8 lens which he intends to start a project on portraiture.

Considering that Michael has only been into photography for the last 5 years you will see from the screen-share his innate ability to make outstanding images. Images which make you think and images that invariably tell a story. They are of a high contrast in style which just adds to the effect. He does shoot colour and they have a William Egglestone style to them. They're observations of street, juxtapositions and market life, which many of us would just miss and walk on by.

Michael has recently published a book via Blurb called Abyss. A retrospective of his mono film work. Its a fantastic book which he published through via Lightroom program. He made the effort to make sure that the paper chosen for the book was of a high quality and chose a 'lustre' paper. He has had no major problems with the printing by Blurb! The next version of the book will be with added text. That might take a little more time than the first edition he says!

Michaels favourite photographer is the Australian Magnum co-operative Trent Parke. It's interesting to note that both have a similar style in that their work is of a high contrast and that he wasn't aware of Trent Parke's work until a friend pointed him out to him.

The future plan for Michael whilst he continues to study through The Arcanum is to start a project on portraiture using his 'new' Nikon f5 and the 85mm 1.8 lens. One thing is for sure, I know this project will be outstanding work.

Thanks Michael.

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