Photography : "Live and Uncut" - Episode 51 with Joseph Linaschke

A luminary of photography!

Joseph was first introduced to photography by his father when he was 7! He was always in the darkroom making prints with him. He enjoyed the outdoors with some sport interest, but it was photography that he was so interested in through school, the high school magazine and especially later when he studied art and photography at California State Polytechnic (which had a superb photography program). His first camera was a Yashica FX3 given to him by his parents, but the first camera 'he' bought was a Nikon N2020 (which I have recently found out for the Europeans), would be the Nikon F501. He was so into developing and processing black white film but enjoyed shooting colour Transparencies as well preferring to use the Kodachrome 64. Still a few years away from digital Joseph was using Photoshop 1.0 as the digital age was just about getting started.

After nearly 20 years of photography he had basically enough of it and started work for various companies involved with the new digital image period. This evolved into a 10 year career with hardly veer picking up a camera. He was so involved in digital imaging and computers. He got an opportunity to join Apple 2001 where he worked till 2009! Whilst he was at Apple they launched iPhoto, and from that Aperture the professional editing program. For the development of the program they needed images. Joseph offered his photographic ability as he has a degree in photography. As there was a person on the team already using Nikon to cover the development Joseph went out and bought into the Canon system. And just like that he was back into photography. I always remember Frederick van Johnson (an Adobe Lightroom developer) and Joseph having many banter styled conversations as what was best Aperture or Lightroom!

In 2009 though Joseph decided the time was right for him to turn to professional photography. He set up himself up got a studio up and running and then launched his online tutoring show based on Aperture, obviously with his in depth knowledge of the program it was a great success.

Sharing his photos on the screen share you can see his love for travel photography. We didn't get a chance to talk about his concert portrait weddings and other genres. But its evident from his website that he is a general photography preferring not to stay in one area. But what is evident is the superb work that he has created across all genres.

Overtime Joseph realised that the new innovations coming through the mirrorless manufactures was worth considering and so he switch from Canon to Panasonic of which he is now sponsored by and is one of only 12 US. Liminary's. Joseph is passionate about his Lumix GH4 - Similar to how he was with Aperture understandably. He is convinced that the reason for the slow sales of mirror-less cameras especially in America compared to DSLR like the Nikon and Canon is down to poor marketing. The mirror-less camera manufacturers are so innovated compared to the big two. Despite the efforts made by Nikon and Canon. The advantage of the Panasonic a micro 4/3rd system with a universal lens system allows the users to have a multitude of lenses to use with the Lumix. He has not found any difference in image quality when printed. The size of the sensor in the Lumix in no way has diminished print quality the camera operates very well in low light and whats more with more innovation 'to boot', his equipment is lighter to carry! Printing 20-x30inch prints and 40x60inch prints is easily capable by the Lumix GH4! Amazing1 WOW!

Who needs a DSLR these days!

We had a great conversation about why the two main camera makers (Canon and Nikon) are lagging behind. It's interesting what Joseph had to say about this. There is no doubt in my mind and I think we both agreed that Canon and Nikon are playing a very dangerous game and could lose out, if they don't step up to the plate and take more notice of the mirror-less market and develop their cameras along that line... Its worth noting if professionals are looking for a lighter sports camera, using a mirror-less system then the Panasonic Lumix has 4k video! From that video you can grab an 8mbP image from that stream - in camera wire it off to the editor - which is ideally suited for magazines, newspapers and the web. I think this is the future for the sports photographer.

Listen later in the show with a cool tip how to reduce vertical perspective on architectural images...

He couldn't be tempted to name just one favourite photographer but suffice to say he likes Vincent Laforet, Bob Davis, Kenny Kim and Zack Arias. All great photographers with amazing stories to tell. His inspiration he gets from people the likes of Steve Jobs and Richard Branson!

Joseph now is heavily involved with (recently acquired by Linkedin), presenting a number of video series along the lines of tutoring photography and editing. This new acquisition is of great benefit to both sets of members with the number of tutorials from photography editing through to man management on that basis when you think about it this was an ideal merge of two companies in the same line of business and business people!

Thanks Joseph it was great talking to you.

Until next time "leave your camera bag at home"


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