Photography : "Live and Uncut" - Episode 52 with a few friends.

Making photography friends.

After a recent walkabout in London organised by RSP host Michael Rammell, I thought it would be a good idea to share our thoughts and ideas on street photography on 'Live and Uncut'. So Peter Kelly, Katy Memon, Joseph Zee and Michael Rammell joined me for this episode.

It was a shame that we experienced some interference during the broadcast, which I hope doesn't spoil the show when you watch it. We all come from different backgrounds some following a semi professional career in photography others purely as amateurs. But the one thing we have in common is the love of street photography.

It was interesting to find out how they got into street photographers : Katy is relatively new to 'street' preferring to use a DSLR which is her tool for her style of photographer in that she is looking to develop her photographic career in conceptual art photography. Her first camera was the point and shoot plastic film camera. Took a course in City in Guilds and bought the 400d Canon then onto her present 6D Canon. her main camera... Which is in contrast to the majority of the group that use mirrorless cameras. A smaller inconspicuous camera. Peter started late in photography by buying the Canon 7D in 2011 and converted to Fuji X-Pro1 recently. He is an event and glamour photographer that enjoys getting out on the streets but preferring to shoot objects and abstracts as against shooting the human element. Joseph has been involved in  photography from an early age with his uncle who was a keen photographer and Joseph remembers was always in the 'darkroom'. His first camera was a Konica then a Fuji then moved through Canon and Nikon until recently when he switched to the Fuji X-T1. He is an amateur photographer that specialises in HDR of city scenes. Michael got back into photography seriously with a Sony NEX3 moved onto the Canon 550D then to the 7D and finally back into 'mirrorless' with the Olympus OMD-EM5. Unusual probably my only guest to date that started with mirrorless got into DSLR the returned back to mirrorless. Michael is a wedding and like me an avid street photographer.

All apart from Katy we have switched from DSLR's to our mirrorless cameras because of the weight issue. Both Peter and Michael use their kit for their professional work. Neither have had any problems, loss of quality in the images or printed work even the awkward questions / comments by their clients asking 'what are you using?' Katy's set up is different in that as she looks to set up her Conceptual Art photography business its important for her to stay with what she knows. Wise words as so many photographers change gear at the wrong time and get lost in a myriad of menus and can't concentrate on the job at hand and making good work.

When we went to screen share I really enjoyed viewing the different styles that my guests showed. Michael's work in Mono (which, I think he prefers) it was lovely that the guests started to make comments about each others work. His work that I would say is 'true street'. where he observes the human element behaviour and background scenes associated with the subject. Seeing images that are there which many will simply walk on past. A super set of images. Peters work again showing the human element in street photography with models and passers by plus the ability to spot the comical image and the an eye for the abstract. Joseph's work is different in that while he is still learning street photography and taking images with the human element but he is experimenting with angles and views. But his 'forte' is the taking of cityscape images and the processing and development of editing from HDR (3 bracket shots) to merged images in LR6 and using filters and with plugins. Katy without doubt has a great photographers eye. This is evident in the shot of the 'floating' street performer choosing not to take the image straight on as many of us would but from behind and being bold enough to crop drastically a study of the legs with the passers by looking at him. Brilliant! Other photographs that she showed were just as good. Where she sees images which many others would not see. For some one who has only been into street photography for a short while she shows an innate ability. 

It was unfortunate that we started at this point to get quite a lot of connection problems. But at least we were able to complete our discussion on the screen share. It was a great selection of work and interesting how even though we were all on the same walk we all saw and spotted different opportunities, images and stories,

For the future; Peter plans to continue with his modelling photography and a trip to Columbia: Joseph intends to continue his street photography but is looking to 'print' more of his work and look to get a book printed: Michael will be looking to develop his RSP community/group, start printing his work more and get back on track with his wedding photography venture: Katy on the other hand has a plan to move toward her interest in fantasy/conceptual fine-art genre professionally. She is steadily building contacts within this style of work such as models and photographers. I wish them all the very best of luck with their future plans.

So as the Google+ Gremlins struck again,  I had to bring the show to a close. It was a pleasure to have Peter, Katy, Joseph and Michael on the show, good friends and all great photographers in their own right.

Google+ closed down in a very strange way!

Thanks guys.

Until next time "leave your camera bag at home"


Nb. Thanks to Michael Rammell who helped me out by messaging and getting my guests back online. Thanks.


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