Photography : "Live and Uncut" - Episode 54 with Caroline Fraser.

She owes so  much to photography!

I first met Caroline a few years ago when I joined the Beckenham Photographic Society. Caroline is a long standing member of the club which she says she will never leave as she has such fond memories of and one that has taught her so much about photography and editing images. She's not one to worry about scores and win trophies and certificates, but Caroline's fine art photography is the type that makes you sit and wonder. Not only of how the image was created but of what it is she trying to say. Some will look at her work and simply say 'thats nice, yes I could have that on my wall'. But I think they are missing something very deep and meaningful here.

Caroline was from an early age introduced to photography by her mother who encouraged her to take photographs and then develop and print them in her darkroom. Caroline continued to take photographs from then on, through her teen years and even at university during her medical studies, where she found time to make photographs, process and develop her own work when sharing the darkroom with her boyfriend, who was also a keen photographer! But although she was involved with photography there wasn't a clear direction and photography wasn't at this stage an important part of her life.

This all changed when Caroline both during and whilst recovering from a serious illness, took up photography in a 'very' serious way. She needed to get out and about and the only way or incentive she had, was to walk her dog on a regular basis. Sometimes she took her camera and then later the camera was with her all the time. Photography had taken on a whole new meaning and purpose for her especially whilst she recuperated. What followed was an interest almost a need, to learn more about the technicalities of using a camera and she went on a few workshops one especially with her son to Inversnaid Photograph Centre in Scotland, which she enjoyed immensely not only for the photographs she was taking but also for the skills she was learning.

Joining the Beckenham P.S. was another important step for her. Here she found found a group of enthusiasts that were prepared to share their knowledge and especially, their editing skills. Learning more and more about Photoshop and what can be achieved, helped her forge ahead into a 'fine art style' that she didn't really intend to start or originally set out to do - it just happened. It so happens that now Caroline with an Associateship level of the Royal Photographic Society, is well known for her style and creative fine art photography especially in the south East of England. Exhibits on a regular basis and has had her worked featured in magazines. Going to Screen-Share, I think you can see what I mean. Her photography is creative and she pushes the boundaries of this genre. Images that are well thought out both with camera and at the editing stage.

When I first saw an image by Caroline, part of her 'Light on Water' portfolio, I was spell bound! I was just getting to know the photographers in the club which as it turns out has some exceptional members the standard of which is very high. But Caroline's work stood out. It was different, it was thought provoking in terms of why's, and when and what's more how? You don't come across talent like this very often. Don't get me wrong here I admire the landscape, sport and street photographers, but when you come across work which instills the thought processes I've just mentioned that for me is when come to realise a photographer. A photographer that makes images with feeling, which probably stems from the earlier photography experiences walking her dog, as she recovered from her serious illness.

Like me Caroline is part of The Arcanum and is steadily working though the levelling up process and I hope she will be joining me soon In Lounge 20 - to wait for the next stage (Sphere 2). She has thoroughly enjoyed her Arcanum experience, and with the availability of regular critique not only from her Master but also her fellow apprentices, it has taught her more skills and understanding of her work and directions she could take her photography to.

It was a great pleasure to talk to Caroline about her work and life in photography.

Thanks Caroline.

Until next time " Leave your camera bag at home"


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