Photography : "Live and Uncut" - Episode 56 with Rob Knight.

Its all in the itinerary.


Rob Knight happened across photography late. He started by taking images at the Tattoo conventions that he visited for his business. He had been a Tattoo artist for nearly 25 years! He was pleased with the results that his small compact camera produced but, was frustrated by the shutter lag. So he invested in Canon Rebel, just before his first visit to Paris, France. He was disappointed with the resulting images, they were so-so, and decided there and then to learn more about photography by buying books and attending courses. On one such course it was pointed out to him that he had better knowledge and understanding of photography than the tutors and lecturers and with this comment thought 'right I'll go for it" and so began his career in Photography started.

Rob is keen on travel photography and has a had amazing opportunities come his way by meeting people and yes it could be said by 'being in the right place at the right time'! He started to right articles and blogs on photography and gear. Rob by now had moved on to the Nikon system (away from Canon) but it was the purchase of an Olympus Pen that changed everything. He was quite satisfied with the images that he got from the Pen and also noticed that the Nikon was hardly being used. He was beginning to realise the advantages of the 4/3 system. The purchase that followed, the OMD, only endorsed this thought. He really wasn't missing much by using a 4/3 camera compared to a full frame one. Later at a photography convention he was introduced to the Panasonic cameras and from the resulting meeting started to get more involved with the Lumix 4/3 range. So much so that he switched to Lumix with the GH3 and 6 months later he was invited  to join the Lumix Luminary Talent team.

Looking at Rob's images via his website you can see his photographic eye. We looked at the Route 66 gallery in detail. A trip to be honest I'd like to make myself. A lot of the images were taken with his Lumix GH4 and some from his previous Nikon gear. One thing is for sure looking at those images I couldn't see any 'vast' difference in the quality.

Whilst the change of camera systems was in full flow Rob continued to use photoshop - of which he was very familiar with - to edit his photographs. With the introduction of Lightroom he found a program that enhanced his photo editing. Lightroom became another addition to his teaching portfolio. The final piece in the jigsaw was when he met with Frederick Van Johnson. Frederick at the time about two years ago was looking to build a network of shows around the TWIP show. It seemed a good idea to have a travel show and Rob was asked to host it. After some due thought Rob came up with the idea of the Itinerary - a neat link to travel. Fred insisted 'Your Itinerary would be better" and the show name was born. Rob has now hosted some 35 + 'Your Itinerary' shows, runs workshops on Photoshop and Lightroom plus events on Route 66, to Costa Rica and to Yellowstone Park to name a few. 

It's all come together quite neatly for Rob and in a short period of time.


Thanks for joining me Rob.

Until next time "Leave your camera bag at home"


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