Photography Live and Uncut Episode no 78 with Hengki Koentjoro

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This week I was joined by Hengki Koentjoro who I have been following for some time on 500px and Google+ ... Hengki hails from Jarkata, Indonesia where he has ample opportunities to create his stunning Mono work. He openly admits that the work by Ansel Adams and Michael Kenna have been a huge influence on his work.

From an early age of 11 using just a Kodak Instamatic camera photography has been his passion. Through school and college he always had a camera with him, taking portraits and general photographs of interest. He was so passionate about his photography that he really wanted to make it as a full time professional, but, he knew that he could never tell his parents as they would have insisted that he look for a more stable vocation! From School and College Hengki got a scholarship to attend the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California where he studied photography and video production.

The course lasted three years but Hengki stayed for another 7, developing his photography and video skills. He later returned to Jakarta where he now works on a video production team and has the opportunity to build his portfolio, create books and also participate in his other passion of Skuba Diving. 

His latest book 'Monohydra' has been created (Link below) after a suggestion made by a publisher to produce a book in mono of the underwater world of coral, and fish that tie in his two passions, demonstrating Hengki's photographic eye.

To date Hengki has produced two books and his prints are highly sort after. He is represented by Galleries in Amsterdam, california and Tokyo.

Thanks for joining me on the show Hengki.

Unitil next time 'Leave your camera bag at home"


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