Photography Live and Uncut Episode no. 77 with Chris Smith

The project man.

 Chris Smith has over the last few years (just 4 in actual fact) created an outstanding workshop come seminar called 'Out of Chicago'. The last event in 2015, was visited by over 350 delegates (as we say in the UK) over 3 days, from all over the world and were treated to an awe inspiring list of photographers who not only presented their skills in workshops of many genres, but also took groups out on walkabouts through the City of Chicago. We talk about Chris' first recollection's of photography and cameras through his school days then onto his study for a teaching position in his beloved Chicago.

His main shooting preference is Chicago at night, as this is the only and the most suitable time for him to visit the city to make some images. And as we see from the Screen-share his work isn't too shabby either! A self professed non-professional but a hugely passionate hobbyist. He studied photography endlessly after hanging the golf club bag up, by watching You Tube videos and reading books.

'Out of Chicago', which we talk about in depth, has grown significantly and has become an event that many photographers, especially those in the states, would put very high on their must do list. Chris also announced his intentions to put shows on in San Francisco and New York and also intimated you never know, a show in London might be on the cards!

Thanks for joining me on Live and Uncut Chris all the best...

I hope you enjoy the show...

"Leave your camera bag at home'


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