This week my guest was Doug Kaye who has been a regular co-host on TWIP with Frederick Van Johnson, and 'All about the Gear' for nearly three years and now in a new show he co-hosts 'Camera Labs' with Gordon Laing. That's not to mention his earlier careers in sound and lighting, cinematography and computer software!

Episode 104 : Doug Kaye

Episode 104 : Doug Kaye


He joined me shortly after his return from Cuba where he had held a photography workshop. In the new year he has a fully booked workshop in January and another in March (with a few places available) again both to Cuba.

Doug with his vast experience of cameras and lens gave some great insight into the camera systems available today but interestingly like a few other photographers I could mention has recently bought a 1966 Rolleiflex 2.8 - medium format camera. I think its great to see this film renaissance we are seeing today.

Going to the 'screen-share' we could see the creativity that Doug produces with his photographs. Always looking for the light. Such a simple thing to say, hard to see and understand at first, but once mastered is such an important aspect, especially in street photography, to use.

I hope you enjoy the show where so much is to learn from what Doug has to say.

Thanks Doug.




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