Winning a gold medal at the Olympics must be for any sportsman a dream. But, then to move on to make your hobby your job would probably top that! This is exactly what Kevin Light - my guest on Live and uncut 106 - has been able to achieve. Winning the Gold Medal for Canada in 2008 for the rowing eight, sitting at bow (as he was the lightest!) and at that time also started to take photographs! This has lead on to this being his profession as a sports photographer for Canadian magazines and newspapers. Looking at his work on the Screenshare and listening to him describe his work, you can sense not only his pride but also his enthusiasm for his new profession. Not only this he is very quick to remind people of the immense support he has had from his coaches when rowing in the past to the 'pro' photographers that have continued to advise and help him improve his photography. Being an athlete and getting to the top Kevin knows what it takes and also is well aware of how to stay there. It takes sheer determination...



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