Matt Hart

Matt Hart

I've known Matt Hart for a couple of years and to be honest I have always wanted him to be a guest on Photography Live and Uncut. There is a saying better late than never and this show didn't disappoint. Matt Hart has been a photographer since he can remember. Starting to take photos at a very young age setting up his own darkroom in his parents attic and gaining his knowledge by the good old fashioned route of talking to knowledgable people in the camera stores - which unfortunately these days are very few and far between - about film, paper and chemicals. Initially a Nikon shooter Matt switched to the Fujifilm X series system of which he is now a Fuji X-Photographer. Matt has never been busier what with Fuji representation and commitments, his own commercial work plus now his enthusiasm for the Fujiholics group of which he is a founding member. Matt specialises in street photography and you can see and learn from the Screenshare section of the show, his work and his passion for street photography. As he says 'there's nothing better than to get out and take photographs!'

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