As many of you will know, I am a dedicated member of The Arcanum, 'the' school of photography learning which was created by Trey Ratcliff, Peter Giordano and Curtis Simmons. Over the last year or so I have had the privilege of interviewing many of the masters and apprentices associated with this wonderful community.

So it came as a great surprise when it was proposed that my show could be 'host-jacked' to interview, me! My fellow apprentices in Sphere 2 had got together unbeknown to me to suggest this. I had an inkling that something was afoot as I had seen some conversation but anyway the show went ahead.

It was strange to answer the questions that I readily ask to my guests. In the show you'll find out a little bit of me and my photography background; What I like to shoot; My thoughts on camera clubs; How and why the Photography Live and Uncut show started and also, yes, my involvement and passion for The Arcanum. 

Thanks Bruce Clement for stepping up to the plate and to host this show, I hope you enjoyed it! I certainly did and hope you do too (the viewer) watching this via the links below.

"leave your camera bag at hime"

the all important links

Photography Live and Uncut : Episode 79

The Arcanum