Nathan Elson, is a Canadian photographer based in Calgary Canada.

He talks candidly about how he got started in photography; of how he made the decision one day that that's what he wanted to do and with the support of his wife, he set out to accomplish that goal. We talk about his choice of camera gear that he uses for his commercial work; his working relationship with Fuji; his likes and dislikes of that system.

Unfortunately this episode was plagued with problems, for some reason the connection froze many times which meant me having to reconnect each time, so although totally out of my control, I apologise for that. So, for this reason I decided to cut the broadcast short! But, I'm happy to say that Nathan has agreed to join me for 'part two' on the 24th March, when we will pick up from where we were last. Especially as we will get a chance to see his work on the screen-share and I'll tell you, it is worth waiting for!

So until then 'Leave your camera bag at home'



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