I'm just a gear head!


Ad Wheeler joined me this week in episode 81, to talk about his photographic career. Little did I know that he was, shall we say, a late developer in this art form. His first love was music both as a DJ and as a guitarist! How many times have we heard that from my guests? 

So, we hear about his earlier career, his music and playing in a band and then after 30 years, his switch to photography and why.  At his own admission he is a gear head. He has always enjoyed finding how things work. Taking computers apart and building them, which came in handy later when he decided to adapt his Sony A55 to an infrared camera by fitting the 720Nm filter himself; and that's not for for the faint hearted! A Sony user from day one of his photographic journey, AD now enjoys experimenting with older lenses, on his A7 R's with the use of adapters. 


We see from the screen share his work, a portfolio of outstanding images, based on HDR and Infrared in Urban exploration. Now with the skills he has learnt, as a Master in the Arcanum, he shares his knowledge of photography with apprentices in his Cohort. On this subject we talk about The Arcanum and how we both share our passion for this concept of an old / new way of learning; its not just about photography, but of building a network of friends from around the world and yes, sometimes a little bit of soul searching as we the artist, strive to improve our work as we develop and move through the levels. 

Thanks AD.

Until next time 'Leave your camera bag at home'


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