photography Live and uncut episode 86 with Caleb Asch

Caleb Asch another fellow Arcanum apprentice first picked up a camera on the set of Star Wars IV in 1977, working as a technician on the set. The camera he used was a Nikkormat EL, which he was told, once belonged to Sonny Bono (part of the singing duo Sony and Cher).

Now a personal Yoga teacher - and has been for some 20 odd years - Caleb talks about how photography has become such an important part of his life after life's tribulations and maybe some soul searching, We show and talk about his beautiful work, (from cityscapes to landscapes), the Arcanum, his mentors, his appreciation of quality work and what getting out there taking photographs really means to him.

Thanks Caleb for joining me on Live and Uncut.




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