If you're like me and think that to go on a wildlife safari or nature hunt you will need long lenses and zooms like a 400, 80-300 or 100-400mm then think again. I agree they will help you if you need to take shots from a distance but, in this episode you'll see the images and hear how they were created by Chris Weston, with just a 50mm lens. Yes that's right a 50mm lens.

Chris a longtime Nikon user has recently added the Fuji X system to his arsenal. Still preferring to use the Nikon on Safari due to the high sensor resolution that the Nikon D810 has, he talks about the Fuji X system and how close it is to the Nikon system. 

Chris Weston over the years has established himself as one of the worlds leading nature and wildlife photographers that has been largely built on his understanding of animal behaviour. He runs very successful workshop's for Safari and Nature photographers. Check out the images with me of Tigers, Lions, Elephants, migrating Wildebeest and Zebras and I'm sure you'll appreciate his fantastic work.

Thanks for joining me Chris.



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