Photography Live and uncut with Episode 89 Chris Upton

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My guest this week Chris Upton, is better known for his travel and landscape photography. Whilst at the UK Photo Show this year in March though, I was fortunate to come across a presentation by Chris on a major 'stunning' project he had completed on the Thorseby Colliery in Nottinghamshire. Chris who is a Fuji X-photographer, talks through his experiences of his regular visits to the Colliery to document the last year of the mine. Thoresby was the last mine to close in Nottinghamshire and looking through the images that Chris recorded you get a great sense and appreciation of a unique working force of men. Apart from this well publicised project, at exhibitions, as well as in both book and magazine, Chris talks through his travel and landscape photography his workshops, which he intends to expand, plus his close working relationship with Fujifilm UK. The future for Chris Upton looks bright forging ahead using the Fuji X camera system and builds on his success of his Thorseby Colliery project as his photographic career develops.

Thanks Chris.

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Photography Live and uncut with Chris Upton

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