Photography Live and Uncut episode 98 with Patrick La Roque

Patrick La Roque was my guest on Episode 98. Another musician who made the switch to photography. We talk about that transition how social media has helped Patrick develop his photographic business and the decision to switch from Nikon to Fujifilm. It was the x100 that originally caught his eye - The X-Pro1 and X-T1 were to follow plus the latest X-Pro2... He hopes to start using the X-T2 soon. All his work now is made exclusively with the Fujifilm X system preferring to uses prime lenses plus the odd zoom lens like the 10-24mm. Patrick has also created the Kage Collective a site which of eight Fuji users from around the world that submit essay and work usually to a set theme - a site well worth a visit if you are a photographer 'geek' like me!

Until next time - Leave your camera bag at home.

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