Photography Live and Uncut no. 101 with John Lehmann




In this weeks show the award winning photo-journalist, John Lehmann, from Canada, joined me. John has recently appeared on Big Head Taco and presents his own show on You Tube reviewing camera gear and various photography scenarios. We talk about his career in photojournalism, his love of the right tool for the right job, how he got started in the business, his travels and much more. 

Johns work in the field is outstanding and is the first choice to be sent out to cover a story either of his own design or by request of his newspaper. He has worked in many countries but those in Asia such as Hong Kong, Vietnam and Cambodia have seen his most recognised work. He has just returned from the Rio Olympics where he was commissioned to follow the Canadian team to record their successes.

Thanks John for a great informative show.

'Leave your camera bag at home'.

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