Photography Live and Uncut no. 103 with Scott Wyden Kivowitz and AD. Wheeler

Scott Wyden Kivowitz                                            AD. Wheeler

Scott Wyden Kivowitz                                          AD. Wheeler



In this weeks episode I talk to Scott and AD. to discuss how using a blog and social media can improve your presence on the web and get you spotted for that commercial work you clamour for. Scott and Ad. have both appeared on my show before and have a wealth of experience in teaching via workshops and The Arcanum. They use the internet to promote their work and business' in various ways. Scott by blogging regularly and AD. by using significant hashtags to his photos. But both remembering to bring the viewer back to their website.


I hope you enjoy the show there are loads of tips you can glean from this show, if you are struggling to get your work seen out there.


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Photography Live and Uncut with Scott and AD.


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