PHOTOGRAPHY LIVE AND UNCUT NO. 110 with Alex Lambrechts

In my continuing series of re-inviting some of my past guests, Alex Lambrechts joined me for no. 110.

Alex is never short of a word or two especially when it comes to talking about creating your art as a photographer. He is passionate about this and in his workshops he is always looking to take his attendees out of their comfort zone. I've been there and know what he can achieve! In this show though not only was Alex talking of creating art and moving on with it, never being satisfied to what has been created and looking to learn and improve from shoot to shoot, he also talked (in depth) about his new role as the Photographic Director for the latest magazine to hit the shelves in the UK - The Fall. It's a fascinating concept of a magazine, which you will hear loads about in the show. But suffice to say it is a magazine that in my opinion, all photographers should buy read and study what has and can be achieved. As usual it was a great time talking to Alex.

Thanks Alex

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