Photography 'Live and uncut' Episode #70 with RC Concepcion

Things could of been so different!

One thing is for sure talking to RC Concepcion, I didn't expect him to describe his young life and how things could of all been so very different for him. As he mentioned in the show it was a fortuitous moment when he was stopped by one of his old school teachers (Ms. Sanderoff), that literally changed his life. He openly admits being a kid from the Bronx (New York) with a very difficult and dangerous neighbourhood he could of gone down the wrong road. Having that discussion with his teacher made him realise what his problems were and what he needed to do. From that moment on RC took every opportunity he came across to move his life in the right direction effectively away from trouble. He studied English Literature and Shakespeare at college, something that his mates from the street just couldn’t get their heads round.

From College, one which was the furthest away from his neighbourhood, SUNY Plattsburgh just 17 miles south of the Canadian border, he moved into High School Literature teaching then on to an IT position with IBM and a German company, through this time he built a good knowledge and understanding of technology and Adobe Photoshop. He had used Nikon film cameras earlier but it hadn't really attracted him. Unlike some photographers it was Photoshop editing that came first not the camera. He was so involved with the editing he thought it best to leave photography to others, until it was suggested to him 'why not try working with a camera as well?' With that he went and bought a Nikon D70 and a new interest for him was born. He steadily improved his photography skills and upgraded his cameras (as he learnt them) to the more advanced cameras in the Nikon range. About this time he was establishing a small IT business and also doing his preferred vocation, that of teaching. Whilst RC was concentrating on developing his 'tech' teaching and night classes he attended a conference purely to check out new technology. It was at this event that, because of his understanding of Photoshop, he helped a presenter at a show, who was so worried prior to her presentation on Photoshop workshops, he offered to stand in if she got too nervous. It was this presentation that got him noticed by Scott Kelby and colleagues and so the association with Kelby Media and now Kelby One started and has developed to this day

Working with Kelby media he has been extensively involved with photography, editing, printing and has developed a great understanding and skill of HDR. He has written two best selling books to date 'The HDR Book' and 'Get your Photography on the Web'. His photography is exceptional as you will see from the screen share especially using his HDR skills subtly. HDR is often referred to a style of photography that over cooks the image. This could be true considering the earlier creations when the ability to create HDR was first realised with various plug-in programmes. Personally today with these plug-ins being so good now, HDR when used subtly as in the case of RC's work, can produce some stunning images. I think the discussion of whether HDR is good or even has a place in photography must be very similar to the conversation when colour photography was first created. The die-hards wouldn't dream of using colour as Mono was photography! 

RC co-hosts The Grid with Scott Kelby. A show that covers all aspects of photography from website and blind photo critique to interviews with professional photographers. Kelby One also has a vast array of photography based tutorials, with many seminars and events taking place all over America and around the world.

As RC said in the show Kelby One is just one great family that has grown from a media company with a small studio to one now of multiple studio sets, for the shows and tutorial filming events. RC has become an integral part of this activity and has that appeal of a gentle approachable fun loving guy and his photography 'aint too shabby either.

Thats RC...

Until next time "Leave your camera bag at home"

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