Photography Live and Uncut : Episode No. 74 with Sandra Jordan

I first met Sandra just a few months ago when we were asked to join the Cohort of Jessica Lark for Sphere 2 in The Arcanum. Naturally I was intrigued to see what type of photography my fellow apprentices were into. Sandra's work bowled me over immediately. You would think looking at her images you are studying the work of a photographer, that has crafted her skill over a long period of time. Surprisingly no, as I found out in the show.

Sandra's interest in photography only really started in 2007! Yes she had had a camera before but it only came out on special occasions or the odd holiday. Photography was until then, camera mode to 'P' and shoot.

It wasn't until she went on a long vacation via train to Istanbul that photography became a major influence on her. It's amazing how photography suddenly appears on the horizon for a person and it takes hold and the interest deepens. For some it happens straight away for others it takes time and as in Sandra's case this is what happened. It was all due to the fact that she took some photo tuition whilst on this extended holiday that opened her eyes as to what a camera could do. Being told to move away from jpg images and start to use Raw and the manual mode plus other settings, rather than the 'P' mode was, well a revelation for her. Suddenly the world seemed to open up to her and she started to see it in a very different way. Photography took a hold it became all encompassing and a passion and she hasn't looked back.

It's when you look at her work that you realise she has the ability to see 'photographically' in a special way. During the screen share we looked at her latest project Hidden Beauty, where she encourages the viewer to look and study the 'wonderful' architecture that we see every day. It's not to everybody's taste but the style and composition that Sandra has created with balance and symmetry is fine art photography at its best in my opinion. Further evidence of this photographic eye is seen in her other projects such as Silent Beauty and Glacial Study.  But a project that is very dear to her and one that she has got a lot of satisfaction from was being part of a charitable venture to Morocco to teach the children photography.

She wanted to go on an adventure of sorts and if it included using her camera then all the better. She looked at Charitable trips to Peru but she needed to speak Spanish, which she doesn't, yet a chance to go to Morocco, to teach young disadvantaged children the art of photography, was an opportunity not to be missed. This trip as you will hear has left an indelible mark on her. The photography produced by the children, who showed amazing skill and commitment, is outstanding. Teaching the children to make photographs led them to putting on an exhibition which enabled them to sell the photographs. The money they made from the selling of the photograph could be used either to enhance their education or help out with the bills at home. An amazing fulfilling project for Sandra who said 'If you get the chance to join such a group - then do it! It's a must!"

So finally we came to talk about her favourite photographer and her inspiration. The photographer although there are many would be Josef Hoflehner especially his project on Jet Airliner - Her inspiration by a person, would be a her Grandmother she says without a doubt but interestingly her inspiration also comes from shapes and buildings which encourages her to go back and make an image of what she has seen.

Thank you for joining me Sandra.

Until next time : "Leave your camera bag at home"

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