Photography Live and uncut : Episode No. 72 with Julia Anna Gosporadou

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Julia Anna Gosporadou

Julia Anna Gosporadou

Architectural photography, it seems to me, has never been so popular with photographers. With fantastic buildings being designed and built around the world which are effectively master pieces of that are screaming out to be photographed. One of the major trends is to create a ‘mono’ image with a heavy contrast style, that clearly defines the light and shadow that hits the building, looking almost black and white in some cases. But as Julia says never completely ‘black’! This emphasis by enhancing the light and shadow, encourages the viewer to look deeper into the mind and feelings of the photographer. Julia Anna Gosporadou has become an exponent of this craft. 

Always interested in photography from an early age, Julia had played with her fathers camera and darkroom equipment - visiting the darkroom was something which, until recently (i.e. today), he didn't know! Also interested in the arts and drawing in particular, she was drawn to being an architect. She studied through university and on leaving managed to secure a position as an architect in Athens. Working though in a mans world as she says, was not easy! But, the recent recession in Greece meant that, for now her career as an architect would have to be put on hold as work in the office, effectively had dried up. With the introduction of Google+ she had found a way to share her images and make contact with other photographers. Looking at her photographs on the screen-share, we saw that her work is not all Architectural. Her portfolio boast’s a high standard of minimalist landscape and street photography work. Her work is based on projects, the majority of which are mono but a few colour images excel. Quite simply an extremely high standard of work which to be honest comes as no surprise.

For the time being she hopes she can carry on doing both, that is her photography and being an architect. Although it must be said knowing her schedule for photography at this time which involves visiting a number of cities around the world, her architecture work is having to take a back seat for the time being. For now she is in demand. For her presentations/seminars, tutoring and workshops in the fine art world of architectural photography. Julia encourages her student’s to be careful not to go too far with the blacks! Although her work is highly edited with the use of photoshop it is her experiences of working with light from her classical drawing for her architect study that forms the process of her editing. Her images are created enhanced in Photoshop to produce an image which she has seen in her minds eye. They are her creations of how she sees the building, using her drawing skills to tease the light and shadow into an image.

For her presentations Julia had to make notes for herself and her students. Realising the amount of work she had in her hands, it was an obvious move to consider making it into a book. Released as an e-book the book (titled From Basics to Fine Art) was created with the help of Joel Tjintjelaar, another exponent of fine art architectural work. The e-book is a very detailed one at that, that you through the relevant steps, to create fine art photography work.

It was interesting to hear though when asked her favourite photographer she mentioned three! All street photographers Henri Cartier-Bresson, Fan Ho and Alexey Titarenko. Its worth you taking the time to check these photographers out. When you do, you will see the influences in Julia Anna’s work. Finally her inspiration? Unsurprisingly is Joel Tjintjelaar. A photographer that is synonymous with finest architectural photography.

Thanks Julia.

Until next time “Leave your camera bag at home”

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