Photography Live and Uncut episode 99 with Scott Bourne




My second guest for this week was Scott Bourne. Not only known for his Bird Photography but also for podcasting, mentoring, workshop and what I didn't realise motor racing! He raced at the age of 14 even before he had a driving license. Having raced all type of cars from 'stock' to 'open-wheel' (Formula GP in UK terms) and an attempt at rallying, he found the relative peace of taking photographs of birds after a short career in portrait and wedding photography work. Scott has been involved with photography for over 40 years and was one of the first to realise the potential of websites and media podcasting. An entertaining show that I trust you will be interested to watch plus checking out his fantastic photography.

Until Next time Leave your camera bag at home...

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Photography Live and uncut episode 99 with Scott Bourne

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Photography : "Live and Uncut" - Episode 60 with Martin Bailey.

Forever detailed.

It was great to have Martin back on the show. He had been a guest of mine at the start of my broadcasting 'career' (episode no3.) and it was Martin, at the outset, who encourage me to start. In this episode, No.60 (!) we talked about, his new 'hobby' (using a Yashica D an 80mm (50m equiv) twin lens reflex camera using 120 roll film), plus his processing and editing workflow. He bought it initially to have a twin lens reflex camera as a prop, but was captured by the camera, he bought a working model on impulse. Martin has made a few podcasts on his experience of using the Yashica, which I urge you to watch - links are below. He goes through all the nuances of using this type of camera from loading the film (an art in its own right- by the looks of things) through to processing the film, scanning and very small editing in Lightroom. He prints via Lightroom to Breething Color's vibrance metallic paper. Martin is looking forward to making more images with this camera which he openly admits is his hobby with in his photography business.

We then switched our conversation to Martin's latest 'toy' - really his new work horse the 50.6mp Canon 5DSR. After using the camera with just 6 shots he could see this camera was for him. He found the images were so tack sharp. Its also interesting to listen to Martin's comments of how in his opinion it appears older lenses seem to perform better with the 50.6mp sensor of the Canon 5DSR compared to the Canon 5D MKiii and 1Dx. Initially he was going to keep the 5d Mkiii but realised that the 5DSR was a far superior camera with all the additional detail available from the 50.6mp sensor, he just had to trade in his old cameras to buy a 2nd one... Wow!

If you know Martin he covers things (and thats everything) with detailed knowledge and for this show it was no exception. We even get a chance to see some of the outstanding images he has got using his new camera, which are literally outstanding I must say... (and for the record, No I'm not tempted - but I would be if I were a professional landscape and nature photographer - I think!).

After the screen share of his amazing images using the Canon 5DSR, we turned to the ever popular discussion about mirror-less camera systems. We both agreed that the mirrorless cameras have come of age, but it is still a case of 'horses for courses'. I think it is safe to say after seeing some of the posts he has made recently I think Martin has been tempted to think about a switch. But as he mentioned many times before he has so much invested in his Canon system and is still fit enough to carry two camera bodies and three of four lenses on his workshops, there is no real need for him to make the change to a new set of equipment. Another point to mention is that the lens stable of some of the new manufacturers cannot compare with either Nikon or Canon - except maybe for the 4/3 system. Martin said he could buy into a Sony A7r body, which does interest him. A lighter camera than the 5DSR it maybe, but he would still be using the big Canon glass, via a meta-bones adapter. I get the impression from what Martin was saying it still doesn't add up financial for him.  

So for Martin its Canon, he saw no real point at this stage in his career to make a change. Looking at the images he shows and for the type of work Martin does and I might add succeeds at - who would doubt what he says!

Thank you Martin.

Until next time "leave your camera bag at home.

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