In the last episode with Nathan Elson we had so many problems with internet connectivity we just had to stop the show.

Nathan kindly offered to return at a later. In this episode (Part 2) we take a look at his portfolio and projects. There is some stunning portrait work here for you to view. In addition we talk about what is great and what is not about the Fuji X system.

There are some interesting comments made by Nathan especially for studio workers, which we both know Fuji are always happy to listen to and take on board.


Thanks Nathan for finishing off what we started.






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If you're like me and think that to go on a wildlife safari or nature hunt you will need long lenses and zooms like a 400, 80-300 or 100-400mm then think again. I agree they will help you if you need to take shots from a distance but, in this episode you'll see the images and hear how they were created by Chris Weston, with just a 50mm lens. Yes that's right a 50mm lens.

Chris a longtime Nikon user has recently added the Fuji X system to his arsenal. Still preferring to use the Nikon on Safari due to the high sensor resolution that the Nikon D810 has, he talks about the Fuji X system and how close it is to the Nikon system. 

Chris Weston over the years has established himself as one of the worlds leading nature and wildlife photographers that has been largely built on his understanding of animal behaviour. He runs very successful workshop's for Safari and Nature photographers. Check out the images with me of Tigers, Lions, Elephants, migrating Wildebeest and Zebras and I'm sure you'll appreciate his fantastic work.

Thanks for joining me Chris.



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Photography : "Live and Uncut" - Episode 47 with Tuan Nguyen

Stay in one Place and People wont see you!

Tuan joined me last week after a beautiful day in the UK. Tuan lives in Folkestone, Kent on the south coast of England. Street photography used to be his main stay of photography that fitted his travel. But, long exposure has become more interesting to him as he has developed his interest in photography.

He came to the UK when he was seven one of the original Vietnam boat people. His family settled in Cambridge, he went to University in Liverpool where he studied Bio-Chemistry then moved onto medicine. and is now a GP in Folkestone. He uses his photography as a get-a-way from the stresses of his work!

Photography started for him just 3 1/2 years ago when he bought a Nikon D70 but never really got into it. He first used this camera on a golfing holiday and didn't like the results put on the shelf blaming the camera for the poor results! It was his wife who encourage him to take photographs of the scenes when she started painting landscapes  - got a book by Bryan Peterson - Understanding Exposure.

From the D70 he moved on to the D7000 so that he could afford better glass. The glass stayed with him when he upgraded to the D800 full frame... A Fuji was added to the kit simply because of the looks. he bought the X-E2 with great autofocus. the files were pretty close to the D800 and without carrying around the extra load of lenses that come with the Nikon cameras. The Fuji X-T1 was the next camera he purchased when he visited the Photography show last year. He saw the camera fitted his lens (18-55mm) and was sold on it straight away. he went over the the store and bought it there and then... He later traded in the X-E2 for some lenses. This is a very familiar story that I hear from photographers with so many switching from Nikon and Canon to the Fuji quality but reducing heavy loaded camera bags. 

Looking at Tuan's images on the screen-share you can see how he has developed his skill in long exposure photography using ND filters allowing him to lengthen the exposure. His diversity of sunsets, sunrises especially of the piers on the south coast and the cityscapes of high rise buildings using the abstract nature of the image along with long whispery like cloud formation. Tuan readily admits his admiration for Joel Tjintjelaar, who is well known for is long exposure and editing work! We looked at his street photography where he prefers to shoot on mono. The photos from Rome and London which shows his good eye for an image and his ability to create layers in his images. Not just taking the shot but waiting for the story to evolve.

He wants to develop on to teaching photography now by setting up some workshops. He has made some You Tube videos, tutorials on Lightroom, Nik Silver Effects and long exposure editing. His development into editing has now moved onto Photoshop where he first became aware the work of Joel Tjintjelaar, which gives him complete control of the image. His first workshop will be in a couple of weeks when he will share it with Matt Hart, with the emphasis for the student to go away with a quality print. The street photography workshop is on the the 24th April in Folkestone.

His favourite photographer is as he said is Joel Tjintjelaar for the cityscapes and long exposure work, Matt Hart for his street photography but one photographer in particular Irene Kung for his photographic art. Although we didn't discuss it but I would like to think his inspiration is from his wife who encourage him to pick up the camera and take those landscapes!

On a day when Tuan had been suffering from a heavy cold, I appreciate him sparing the time to talk to me.

Thanks Tuan.

Until next time - Leave you camera bag at home...

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Photography Live and Uncut with Tuan Nguyen 

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